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Converting Your House Into a Resort In 3 Steps

There are many reasons why someone will have to stay at home and not travel for a significant period of time. Coronavirus has taught us that staying home may be a possibility that could last for a long time. While the pandemic has come to an end, more and more solutions – to make your house a friendly destination – appear on the map of creativity. Even if Covid-19 is not the reason that keeps you home, there’s no harm in allowing yourself to celebrate your moments there. People search on the google engine about activities they can do at home and how to spend their time there, but it is essential to add a sense of luxury to the whole process.
Have you heard of those people who go on a date with their husbands or wives to rebuild the romance in their relationship and have the chance to flirt again? Well, this is a similar situation. The feeling of change will accompany you in other aspects of your life, and you will be able to look at your house differently. New respect for life and the gifts that it holds for us will arise. Come along, and let’s see how you can turn your villa into a paradise!

  1. Who will assist you?
    When you go to a fancy resort, there are people all around the place serving you and trying to satisfy your needs. This is what we suggest should happen at home. Hire staff that will help you relax and deliver everything to you directly when you ask for it. They will serve breakfast in bed and treat you like kings. If you have regulars, giving them the days off and hiring new people is better. It may sound crazy, but many wealthy individuals have tried it. Having the same people around you reminds you that you are in the same place. However, this is all about being able to experience a change while you remain in the same place.
    Besides, people who already work for you know things about you. When the lovely weekend ends, they will probably comment on the whole experience. While this is not necessarily wrong, it causes an unexpected issue. If you decide to repeat this adventure, you will have your employees’ comments in mind, which will not allow you to relax and be yourself.
  2. When to visit
    It is optimal to have a break before you go on vacation at your place. The idea is to choose a different place to rest the previous night, not your home. It would be ideal if you could spend the night before at a friend’s house. If this is hard for you and there are restrictions about where to spend the night, you can choose another alternative. When you wake up in the morning, go for a walk for a couple of hours and allow the people responsible for the decoration of the place to do their best. When you come back, it will be like landing in paradise. It is also preferable to combine this with a standard holiday and days when you are off work, exactly like you would do if you were to visit an exotic destination. Especially if it is combined with particular holidays like Christmas or Easter, where the whole spirit is focused on celebration and certain themes, it will help you capture the magic atmosphere even better.
  3. What you will find there
    It is a good idea to have a pair of sheets and decorations that will be especially used for this reason. For instance, when you go to a resort or a spa, you don’t expect to find the furniture and decoration you have in your house. A part of the excitement is in the fact that everything is new. Since changing the whole furniture in your house is not easy, we suggest keeping some of the items you want in that space, especially for this kind of use. Make sure to distinguish this stuff from new stuff. This stuff will be used again in the future when you decide to ”visit your home” again. As you expect the room of your favorite hotel to have the same decoration when you visit it during the next holiday season, this is precisely how you will expect your house to have its own ”resort decoration.”

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - C-Suite Lifestyle - Converting your House into a Resort in 3 Steps – AnnaSiampani
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