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10 Business Travel Tips For Corporate Flyers

Traveling is believed to be a leisure activity for most. Even for a few days, a vacation allows you to escape the reality of your chaotic life and earn a chance to unwind and rejuvenate yourself before you return to the world and continue the hustle.
However, not all travel comes with ample breathing space. In the corporate world, people travel for business frequently. Whether you’re an entry-level employee or the CEO of a multi-millionaire company, business travel comes with a comprehensive list of challenges and discomfort. Meetings and conferences are waiting to be addressed. Professionals are in a constant hurry to attend the matters about global businesses. In such a case, travel becomes hectic and exhausting.
But every activity comes with a secret, sensible hack. Today, business travel has become a more enjoyable and recreational experience than it once was. You can demand a lavish business trip while ensuring things get done smoothly. Here are some business travel tips to keep you energized and attentive throughout your corporate journey.

  1. Travel with Carry-on bags
    Business trips are meant to be quick and hassle-free. Travel becomes exhausting if you lug your heavy bags from one city to another. When taking a flight, there might be a chance of airport staff mismanaging your luggage. In such cases, it is convenient to travel with carry-on bags. They give you the benefit of storing all your stuff in one place and carrying it around. Carry-on bags are time-savvy, especially for two-day trips.
  2. Essentials at arm’s length
    Heavy luggage is always at risk of getting lost when traveling to foreign countries. Carry-on bags come in handy, then. You can easily pack all your essentials in your bag, so you don’t ever have to worry about being left out with things you may need while traveling. You can store business documents, personal identification, toiletries, and other essentials to have them at arm’s length.
  3. Keep your electronics charged
    What is the point of having all your electronics with you if they have run out of battery? Sometimes, you might be looking forward to topping up a business report or preparing for an important presentation on your flight. Finding a charging point or rummaging through your carry-on during a flight isn’t very accessible. Thus, charging your devices before commencing your travel is a good idea. It will also help you be available in the care your supervisor is trying to contact you.
  4. Carry wholesome foods
    Staying energized and hydrated is extremely necessary while traveling. Especially if you are traveling for business, snacking on the junk or fueling yourself with fast foods will drain your energy and make you lazy, which is why you must carry wholesome, nutritious food. Foods like protein bars, grilled chicken, and steamed vegetables keep you full and active. You can also go for light and healthy snacks such as salad or yogurt to keep your vitamins in check.
  5. Sign up for reward programs
    Signing up for reward programs is incredible if you frequently travel for business. You can change your hotel stays, airport meals, and restaurant visits and use the reward points in your upcoming travels. These points can be availed as discounts on your purchases. You can also use these discounts to book flights and trips for your friends and family, depending on the nature of your travel.
  6. Book the same airlines while traveling
    Airports and terminals take a lot of your time in business travels. Booking the same airlines every time you travel will allow you to navigate your arrivals and departures easily because you will get habituated to the structure. In addition, try booking non-stop flights to avoid spending time at the airport between layovers.
  7. Dress in security-friendly apparel
    Another excellent time-saving hack is to beat the hassle of airport security check-ins. The guards ask you to remove your socks, belts, and other metal accessories before you pass the security. To save time, wear a casual slip-on and pack your belt and other accessories in your carry-on. Use them once you have landed.
  8. Hang out at the business lounge
    Frequent flyers benefit highly from airport lounge memberships. Most airports have a separate business lounge that offers comfortable waiting areas, food, and designated workspaces. Even if you are 100% prepared for efficient travel, you might have a couple of hours to kill at the airport. Hang out at the business lounge, catch up with some work, or relax without being bothered by other people waiting in the shared lounge.
  9. Try catching a quick nap
    Business travel makes it impossible to catch proper sleep. Pack an inflatable pillow, earphones, or an eye mask so you can get a quick nap at the hotel or during the flight. It is vital to stay vitalized and attentive for your work presentation or meeting with potential business clients. And you won’t be able to meet your responsibilities unless you’re well rested.
  10. Pack some casual clothes
    Sometimes, a casual pair of jeans, a shirt, and chinos might come in handy more than a fifth business suit. Not all your time on the business trip will be spent working. You might have a chance to go out by yourself and explore the city. Maybe even catch a meal at a nice restaurant. A set of comfortable clothes means the likelihood of exploring.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - C-Suite Travel - 10 Business Travel Tips For Corporate Flyers
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