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Most Expensive Indoor Games

Sports are all about being fun and showcasing talents on equal platforms. However, all individuals do not aspire to play sports outside. For those individuals, indoor games are a perfect choice to be engaged in. Playing indoor games for free adds a positive mentality and reduces stress. Therefore developing and engaging in different physical activities involving indoor games will help to develop quick reflexes, muscles, the immune system, and creativity. These games have also earned international recognition. Even though many familiar indoor games are easy to afford and fun to play, like- ludo, carrom, chess, charades, mind games, etc., many indoor games are expensive too. Some of them are:

  1. Indoor bowling
    This game can be played indoors on wooden or synthetic lanes. This is probably one of the most expensive indoor games. It needs to be equipped with bowling lanes, scoring monitors, buying technology for returning the ball, bumpers, shoes, bowling balls, seating, couches, and many more. Installing it can cost around $120,000 – $195,000, depending on the design.
  2. Volleyball
    Volleyball is a fun, engaging, team-based indoor sport played with a ball and a net. The technology in producing volleyball shoes can cost up to 150$ per shoe. On an average building, an indoor volleyball court can cost between 10000$ and 15000$. Volleyballs are made of unique grip material and cost up to 100$. Volleyball nets can cost up to 300$. Volleyball club memberships are very costly, ranging from around 1800$ to 3500$.
  3. Table Tennis
    Table tennis involves small tennis bats covered with a rubber pad. These rubber pads must be changed every six months and can cost up to 25$ per sheet. The table on which this sport is played has a standard price of around 800$ since the board’s material determines the whole game. The bats are mostly made from wood and, combined with rubber, can cost up to 300$. The cost of the net is around 40$. Club memberships for table tennis have a standard price of around $1000 per year.
  4. Basketball
    Basketball is one of the most popular indoor sports throughout history. Basketball shoes are made from premium quality leather and carbon fiber and hence can fetch prices of up to 200$. Basketballs are available at low prices, but the premium ones used in NBA can cost about 170$. Indoor basketball courts can be built quickly, but the expenses can creep up to 35000$. Full-sized basketball hoops start at 100$, but the good ones cost up to 2000$. NBA jerseys, often considered premium clothing, can cost well above 100$.
  5. Squash
    Squash, one of the healthiest sports globally, is also one of the most expensive quotes. Playing squash three times a week can cost around $2,100 per year, ranging between $1,964 and $2,245. Moreover, there will always be different types of crops, such as rackets, shoes, balls, grips, bags, court rentals, and restring. Therefore the cost average is around $175 per month.
  6. Billiards
    Most of the tables having creative designs makes their value expensive. The main reason, however, is that tables use slate which can last very long, along with solid wood construction. The price differs for sizes, materials, customization, construction, craftsmanship, cushioning, and quality. Interested players can find a wide range of prices, starting from any pool table from under $100 to a 9-foot pool table up to $5000.
  7. Badminton
    Badminton is one of the most popular growing indoor Games. Badminton work has always been an expensive sport due to buying Court shoes, rackets, shuttles, nets, and gyms. Moreover, the costly training also makes many players quit the game. High-level training can cost from $300 to $600 for just a few-hour session. Playing badminton costs players $30, depending on their amenities.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - C-Suite Lifestyle - Most Expensive Indoor Games
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