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The 4 Fears We Deal With In Daily Life

Life is full of surprises and unexpected conditions that are handed to us even though we try to avoid them. Most of them are linked to simple fears that have to do with our safety and prosperity. In this article, we attempt to shed some light on what is hidden behind common insecurities that will not allow us to thrive.

  1. The fear of the unknown
    The fear of the unknown can be considered one of the basic instincts people have as they are born. The fear of the unknown is not something that characterizes only humans. Scientists have done some research on the population of various insects. A big group of cockroaches and how they act has been examined to help scientists understand how they interact and what drives their actions. It has been noticed that a small part of the group always goes out first to investigate unknown territories that can prove to be hostile. The cockroaches that are braver will step ahead to explore new lands. As it turns out, the highest percentage of deaths is located among these cockroaches. The brave ones are the ones who die, the youngest. Why don’t all cockroaches go together? The answer is held in fear of the unknown. Not knowing what you will discover makes you more hesitant about moving on, and this is out for the best. The reason we do not call this an instinct in our case is that people grow up with all kinds of directions on how to move on, and it is highly unlikely that their life will be threatened due to an unknown situation.
  2. The fear of failure
    The fear of failure is also common and is related to our distance from the age of exploration and experimenting that was common in childhood. As we grow old and run out of time, we do not have the luxury of making mistakes. It is a characteristic that is more common in those who are extroverts, and it also comes in another form. It is not only the fear of failure that seems completely justified but also the fear of success that troubles many people. That is right. Being successful is often misunderstood. People feel guilty for their personal growth believing that they have overshadowed their relatives or friends. Being able to handle failure and success is considered one of the most critical issues in an individual’s well-being.
  3. The fear of what others think about us
    Most anxiety attacks are related to our social interactions. Among other interesting things, people are also social beings, and the acceptance of others to them is crucial. Being outside of the group could mean a lot of things. The first threat is that you will end up alone, which leads to a whole bunch of conclusions and insecurities that are unpleasant for anyone. Our social profile has turned into a serious issue, and nowadays, perhaps most of the things that we do not attempt to do, have to do with our anxiety about that issue.
  4. The fear of intimacy
    Last but not least, let us not forget about the role of intimacy in life. Intimacy is about allowing people to come closer. While being social seems to be the goal for many people, getting too close can also come as a threat. It is the two sides of the same coin that make people confused about how to find their way through their personal journeys. Having people around you is helpful because acting as a group is superior to acting as a unity. Everything can be done faster and more precisely. However, individuals of the same group can also act as a threat to each other. Humans have not been threatened traditionally only by other animals but by other humans as well. So, getting too close reminds us of situations where individuals of the same species were acting hostile against their own species. Male cats will attempt to kill their male children to avoid competition when they grow old. Similar behaviors are observed in humans, and people who have unpleasant experiences in their families will often avoid growing close relationships with others to avoid similar tragedies.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - Critical thinking - The 4 Fears We Deal With In Daily Life
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