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Talking About The Expected Salary For a New Job

The question of how much you expect from the company in terms of money is crucial. It is a sign that the interview went well, and people are now thinking about what they must do to keep you and engage you with their team. So, in any case, it shouldn’t make you feel uncomfortable. On the contrary, it implies that your expectations are being considered, and goodwill from the company starts to appear. Today we will try to understand what interviewers want to find out and how you could handle your answer.

What they are practically asking
Each question in the interview process hides several small questions on the side. Perhaps not all of them will be answered by the candidate’s response. It is crucial to clarify what is hidden behind this tricky question that gives a hard time to many candidates. To start with, the question is basically what it is. It is a clue to let them know how much you personally would like from this job. In other words, your expectations are being examined.
The question is also an attempt to see if they can manage these expectations. Each company has a budget for everything, including human resources. The employees are a part of the company’s investment and actually a very important one. However, you both have to be in a similar range to settle down on a number that will satisfy both sides. The interviewers will not go ahead and let you know about the finances of the company. So, they leave the hard part for you, and they do not reveal the business’s financial details.
In addition, they want to check if you are at the professional level they are looking for. Your budget says a lot about your level of expertise. The employers are expecting you to have done some small research and know what is happening on the market. Assuming you are a reasonable candidate, they believe that your answer will be based on your evaluation of your skills, talents, experience, and education.
Last but not least, if your answer differs greatly from what they were considering, this might imply you are completely unaware of your level of expertise. The salary is an excellent calibration to determine the value, so an answer that is totally out of their budget shows you are not the realistic individual they want to hire.

A wise response can be approached
The simplest way to approach your response is to actually give a number indeed. Still, do not, for any reason, name a price. Instead, you want to give a range. A range that will not exceed $5,000 to $10,000 should be fine. For instance, you could suggest you expect from $150,000 to $160,000 per year. Remember, American companies expect an annual salary range, while in Europe, they usually ask you about the monthly salary.
At the same time, we all know that this is a game that starts with both of you having secrets. As the conversation moves on, you both want to reveal some things about what you can do and what you want to do and are willing to take. The key to finding a solution is giving alternatives and options. Apart from the money you can also discuss the benefits and negotiate there. Keep in mind that the job is not just about the salary. Bonuses, insurance, stock options, and even free parking are among the things that can be provided. This talk shows that you are coming in goodwill, want to find common ground, and are willing to negotiate.
The last tip would have to do with you gaining some time and dropping the ball back. There is nothing wrong with saying that you don’t want to give an immediate response as long as you make a promise that you intend to do it shortly and before the interview comes to an end. To handle this, you will kindly suggest that you want to find out some more stuff about this job opportunity that will help you shape your opinion about the salary.


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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - CEO Insider - Talking About The Expected Salary For a New Job
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