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Questions To Expect On The 4th Date

Dates have secret rules that everyone must obey when interacting with others. There are certain things we ask on the first date and things we do not ask. Of course, it does not have to be the 4th date in particular. Still, the idea is that sometimes along the way, people will want to move on with their relationship and get a little deeper. Here, we talk about these questions that indicate the will to move on with the other person. Let’s find them out!

  1. What do you like about them?
    The intention of this question is to receive a compliment. The person who asks knows already that they will hear something they like, and they just want to hear it from you. The reason is that they like you and therefore your opinion counts more. In addition, this question reveals that they feel comfortable. If you ask someone you barely know to tell you what they love about you, they will feel uncomfortable. Only if you are familiar with each other and a bond has been created can this question not be misunderstood. The good news is that after you answer, you can return the question. This way, you will give them a chance to express their positive opinion about you, and of course, you will be in a pleasant position to hear something nice about yourself. It is a window to kindness, and we guess it should be more than welcome.
  2. Where do you see this going?
    After a while, as you get to know each other, people will like to understand your intentions. You both have to be on the same page if you want to continue dating. While on the first date, we are hesitant to ask about the other person’s attitude towards dating, after the 3rd date, things should start to clear out. One may see dates as a fun way to spend time, while others can think of them as an initial step to building a loving and long-lasting relationship. If you have met a few times, this means you both enjoy the company of one another, and the question is, what happens next?
  3. Former relationships
    Unfortunately, the way we have learned to judge people is by putting labels on them and ”checking the boxes” to see if they are the right people for us. We are hardly ever open to the emotions and energy that can be created between us and want to know some facts. A question that is expected to be asked at some point in a relationship is how many relationships the other person had before they met you. The question shows that the person is not only curious but also insecure. If the other person admits they had many past relationships, they will probably feel anxiety. At least, if you hear this question, this probably means that your partner cares a lot and wants to dig into the details of your life in the past. They want to be reassured that you think of them the way they think about you. They want you to reassure them that you consider them as something important that you want to keep in your life since you have not come across anything better.
  4. When will you meet their friends?
    Last but not least, if things are going well between you two, do not be surprised if you receive an invitation that calls you to come to a gathering with friends. People will want to introduce you to their social circles, and they will expect you to do the same at some point in the future. This is an indication that there is good communication between you, and now you are ready to walk as a couple and let others know about your relationship. Before asking you to join their company, they may ask you if you have talked to your friends about them to see where you stand. If they get positive feedback, they will reveal their intentions and ask you to declare your presence in their social environment.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - C-Suite Advisory - Questions To Expect On The 4th Date
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