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Psychological And Personal Factors On Customers’ Black Box

Each one of us will surely not purchase the same products or even the same categories of products. Numerous parameters determine your audience’s choices, including social and cultural factors. Today we will focus on the individuals. How do their strange psychology and unique personality affect them when they wander around at the supermarket? How will they decide between two different pairs of shoes? The reality is that competition is huge. If we were all acting the same way, we would end up buying the same products. The reason that so many companies are open and sell their products to potential clients is that we differ in a wonderful and unexpected way. Let’s see how this works.

Psychological factors

  • Why is the first question
    Motivation is the most crucial parameter that determines a particular behavior. As in all things, the motivation that drives people to make their decisions is why they will finally go ahead and do what they want. Even though there might be obstacles along the way, and the individual may not finally complete the desired purchase, the motivation will initiate a series of actions that the subject will have to do until they determine whether they will buy the product or not. Obstacles can be overcome, but motivation has to be present during the whole process either way.
  • How we perceive the world
    The perception is behind motivation. Perception refers to the way we explain the world that surrounds us. For example, you may have a friend who owns a luxurious car, and you may want to buy the exact same car in order to feel secure about yourself, your social status, and your financial situation. At the same time, your brother may feel completely unmoved by your friend’s car. He may never proceed to a similar purchase since the way you perceive the world is totally different.
  • As we buy, we learn
    Every purchase leads to certain conclusions. The customer may be satisfied or not, and they may even be confused. As we buy and consume the products we purchase, we learn. This knowledge plays a critical role in the following purchases and shapes our consumption behavior. The conclusions we reach after we use the products are strictly related to the promising values the brand communicated to us when it launched the product. In any case, previous experience determines future behaviors.

Personal factors

  • Age
    Age is a vital criterion regarding what we buy. It influences how we live our likes and dislikes, habits, and daily life. Most of all, it influences our needs because, in the end, it is our needs that will determine what we buy after all.
  • Occupation
    What someone does for a living is related to their finances and, at the same time, their lifestyle. Perhaps the people someone knows from work will also affect their choices. A couple of lawyers will have to buy plenty of suits to appear at work, while a teacher should probably wear comfortable clothes to be able to handle children.
  • Lifestyle
    The lifestyle each one chooses for their lives is different. Sometimes you meet low-income people who choose to dine in fancy restaurants. They may avoid spending their money on other products, services, and activities, but the way they want to look when they go out and the experience they want to live may act as a parameter that determines particular consuming choices.
  • Personality
    Each one of us has a different unique personality. While, for example, identical twins may share the same age and may have similar jobs and salaries, perhaps their choices when they go out shopping are completely different.
  • Economical situation
    Perhaps we saved the most important for the end of this article. Everyone knows money is important when it comes to buying, and many marketers chase rich clients. A wealthy person can have the luxury to buy expensive stuff, while they may also choose to buy cheap brands when it comes to a certain product. Those who are not wealthy, though, do not have the choice and always have to settle for the cheap stuff regardless of the quality delivered and whether they are happy with it.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - CEO Insider - Psychological And Personal Factors On Customers’ Black Box
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