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Where To Study Astrology In Mexico

Astrology is the study of planets and stars and their positions for foreseeing future events. This study of the movements of these celestial bodies is said to have an impression on human lives and their mundane affairs, such as relationships, careers, finance, profit, loss, etc. Astrology can be a great career option for people who can foretell the relationship with incidents on earth. This field of study depends on the person’s abilities and interests. It needs patience and a profound knowledge of celestial affairs. Astrology is prominent in Mexico. It can be a respectable and high-earning career option in Mexico. Therefore here are some places where you can study Astrology in Mexico:

  1. RASA School of Astrology
    The RASA School of Astrology provides the RASA Mexican Astrology Scholarship Program. The duration of the courses this school provides is 2-3 years at the frequency of one class a week. As Astrology is a gradual study, this velocity is said to be appropriate for absorbing what you will learn in the course. The curriculum of this school is approved by popular professional astrologers Inc. It’s a bachelor’s equivalent degree. Course load can be both full-time and part-time. It’s a type of home study.

  2. Heaven and Earth workshops
    This workshop is often held in Mexico by Rick Levine, a famous astrologer with worldwide popularity. He is one of the voices of the global Astrology Community. The lessons this famous Guru provides are not for beginners, but this heaven and earth workshop also offers beginners pre-workshop phone consultations.
    This workshop offers several arenas of Astrology. For example, it covers the Natal chart, Planetary Archetypes, The Zodiac, Planets, and signs. It introduces you to the Physics of metaphysics, the cultural shift from physical to metaphysical, spiritual and unspiritual Astrology, past lives and reincarnation, the metaphysical approach to the four elements, The Sun and The Moon, etc. They link all the lectures on the last day of their teaching, thus making it a thorough teaching and learning process.

  3. Private lessons with top astrologer Donna S.
    The tutor has twenty-five years of experience and lectured at several famous places like Western Digital, Warner records, etc. The lessons provided by Donna S are western Tropical Astrology, Chinese Astrology, Horary Astrology, prediction Astrology, Relationship Astrology, Financial Astrology, Astro-cartography, Relocation Astrology, Medical Astrology, Event Astrology, etc. Online mode of study is available, which brings more students, and Donna has a YouTube channel that may help interested candidates.

  4. Online private lesson by Tami M. in Mexico
    Tami has fifteen years of experience. She helps in building the Foundation of this course. Therefore beginners may be interested to learn from Tami M. Tami M teaches Hellenistic/traditional Astrology. From beginner to intermediate, students are taught by her. The course starts with a basic understanding of Natal chart houses or events of our lives to the planet’s significations and impressions taking it back to the celestial body’s house location to bring it to our understanding. Only students above the age of 18 are taught here.

  5. Professional astrologer cum psychic Ying S.
    This course is especially for beginners and intermediates. Lessons in Tarot cards are provided along with Eastern and Western psychic knowledge. The course will be supplemented with experience sharing and case studies of clients’ real cases. This tutor has five years of experience. All the students over five years are taught here. Courses are quick and can be covered within hours, mostly 30 hours here. Ying S is also available on an online platform.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - Executive Education - Where To Study Astrology In Mexico
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