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Top 7 Universities To Study Metallurgical Engineering In The U.S.

Metallurgical Engineering is the study of the physical and chemical behavior of elements that are considered Metal. It is the Science of making the best outcome from metals by extracting it from the ore and modifying it accordingly. Metallurgical courses also consist of atomic properties and structures of metals. It also provides lessons on alloys. Nowadays, industries are thriving rapidly, and there is also a growing demand for Metallurgists; therefore, studying Metallurgical Engineering can provide students with more opportunities and better pay. In this scenario, choosing the best colleges will enhance the quality of study and placement opportunities, so here are the top Universities to study metallurgical Engineering in the U.S.:

  1. The University of Arizona
    This Mineral Processing and Extractive Metallurgy course is also provided online or in distance mode. It comes within the top hundred universities in the U.S. This University offers over three hundred programs of study and is ranked within the top 50 public universities in the U.S. The tuition fee of this Institution is $34,044.00 per year. The minimum GPA for international students must be 2.75 out of 4.

  2. Virginia Tech
    This Institution offers 110 undergraduate degree programs. It also offers several post-graduate Programs and doctoral degrees. A total of three Post-Graduate programs in metallurgical Engineering are available along with pre-masters. All the post-graduate programs cost nearly $14,633.50 annually. This Institution has over 200 buildings and a 14:1 student-faculty ratio. This University has also ranked 46th for university research in the U.S.

  3. Missouri University of Science and Technology
    This is a public land-grant Research University which is established in 1870. This University offers two post-graduate metallurgical courses, one of which is a doctoral degree and another post-graduation one. The tuition fee for a Doctoral degree is $23,520.00, and the tuition fee for a master’s degree is also $23,520.00 per year. The College of Engineering under this University has 10 Departments. International students can also apply for this Institution.

  4. The University of Alabama
    This University has put forward around 200 programs for students in 10 academic schools. It’s a very reputable University with more than 600 student organizations. It provides degrees like a Ph.D. in material/metallurgical Engineering. The annual tuition fee for this course is $31,460.00. It also provides the degree in Metallurgical Engineering, MS. It costs the same as the doctoral degree. The University gladly accepts International students.

  5. Colorado School of Mine
    This school provides pre and post-graduation programs along with research opportunities. It also provides a Ph.D. It has more than 70 Programs for students. It was founded in 1874 and is one of the renowned public Universities in the U.S. This University is known for its Alumni success rate and profound placements. The highest starting salary of the graduates is found to be $ 76,000.The average tuition fee for in-state students is around $27,114.

  6. University of Nevada, Reno
    This University offers a post-graduate metallurgy course. The tuition fee of this University is $16,542 per year. This is a research University and was founded in 1874. It has come up with more than 500 programs for interested students, of which more than 145 are academic majors, and 130 are graduate programs, minors, certificates, and online programs. Nevada tech provides dual degrees for undergraduate students. It provides 57 doctoral, 80 master, and 24 professional graduate programs.

  7. University of Idaho
    This Institution provides metallurgical courses like M.S. in metallurgical Engineering. The tuition fee for this course at this University is $ 29,412 per year. This University is a public University that was established in 1889. It consists of 10 colleges and is mainly for graduated students. This Institution gives students the opportunity of bachelor, master’s, and doctoral degrees along with specialist degrees and honors Programs. It offers more than 300 programs for both undergraduate and graduate students. International students can also apply to this University.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - Executive Education - Top 7 Universities To Study Metallurgical Engineering In The U.S.
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