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The Remotest Lodges In Alaska

Alaska is one such place on earth that offers travelers top-notch experiences and 5-star amenities. The state is dotted with many remote wilderness retreats where you can enjoy terrific views amidst the laps of nature. Thus, for all people looking for off-beat locales to satiate their inner wanderlust, here are some places in Alaska that will make your stay worthwhile.

  1. The Lodger At Otter Cove
    Experience the serenity of the intimate and inclusive lodge sitting on the private beach, which is just 20 minutes away of a water taxi ride from Homer. This beautiful lodge offers travelers the option of five luxury cabins with seven private rooms and three finger-licking meals daily. When you step out of the lodge, you will be surrounded by the serene sound of nature. Visitors also have the chance to enjoy comfortable, remodeled spaces with customized bedding, private bathrooms, and storage space. For those who love adventure, there is a wide range of activities to choose from.

  2. Sustina Adventure Lodge
    Located southeast of the Denali National Park, this luxury lodge is encapsulated within the Alaskan wilderness from all sides. The retreat sits on a 75-acre plot on the Yogi lake and has 3-bedrooms and two-bath lodges. What makes the property different from the others is that it offers visitors a remote feeling of a fly-in lodge. Vacationers who visit the place also have the chance to chase the Northern Lights during their stay. With vaulted ceilings and big-picture windows overlooking two lakes, this staycation is perfect for couples and families.

  3. Alaska’s Stonewood Lodge: Remote Lake Clark Luxury
    This inclusive getaway in Alaska is located on the shores of a 50-mile-long Lake Clark. While the picturesque setting of the place will surely make your heart flutter, the lodge further promises visitors a range of deluxe amenities to make your stay memorable. During your stay, other activities to indulge in are snowmobiling, ice fishing, trophy fishing, skiing, and bear viewing.

  4. Kenai Fjords Glacier Lodge
    Kenai Fjords Glacier Lodge is situated within a 1700-acre native-owned wildlife sanctuary. There are, in total, 16 guest cabins in the resort, which provide travelers with views of the Glaciers from their rooms. In addition, people can also indulge in hiking, kayaking, walking trails, canoeing, and wildlife-viewing activities while at the place. During your stay at the lodge, do not forget to take a ride on the Kenai Fjords wildlife and glacier cruise, which will give you a tour around the place.

  5. Kenai Backcountry Lodge
    Staying at the remote Kenai Backcountry Lodge in Kenai National Wildlife refuge will give visitors a taste of wilderness in the best possible way. The lodge is located on the 5-acre private in-holding and can be accessed through a raft. While initially, the place was used as a hunting cabin, over the years, it has been expanded and remodeled to suit the taste of intrepid travelers. Guests who come here can relax in the cabins attached to a private bathroom with a shower, porch, heating, and lighting system. During your stay, you can either take a hike to the top of the trail or enjoy the quiet afternoon and learn about the native plants.

  6. Glacier Bay Lodge
    The Glacier Bay Lodge, with its massive timbers, a significant stone fireplace, a network of boardwalks, and rooms tucked in trees, is one such place in the state where you can enjoy the wilderness in full glory. While at the place, you can experience the best views, indulge in trails through the rainforest, or satiate your taste buds with full-service restaurants. Apart from this, you can also sign up for activities such as kayak drop-offs, fishing-gear rentals, mountain biking, and camping to make your trip memorable.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - C-Suite Lifestyle - The Remotest Lodges In Alaska
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