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The Multiple Benefits of Journalism – 5 Reasons You Should Start Keeping a Diary

Keeping track of the day is a habit many people have, including many successful leaders. The idea is quite old, but recent research has shown that several benefits can come out of that simple habit. Today we share all of the important reasons that make diaries a must.

  1. Getting rid of the tension
    Writing down the things you are worried about is an excellent way to reduce stress. In many cases, when something terrible happens, the first thing we want to do is talk about it. This makes the problem smaller. If we do not talk about it, we will end up thinking about it, which is even worse. Unfortunately, we often cannot reach out to a friend when we need it the most, and then journaling can take the role of a precious friend. Of course, it will not give advice even though advice can be searched through our own selves. However, it will manage to play the initial role a good friend plays, hear us out. For some people, it may be an answer to loneliness. Still, it is not only those who are loners who like to have diaries. Positive thoughts are the pillar of good psychology, and thinking less about bad things is quite functional. Many people manage their anxiety and reduce their stress, and this is a good reason to start writing your thoughts.
  2. Identifying negative thoughts
    Writing something on paper also allows you to understand what you think and how you feel. We often get confused when stressful situations appear on the way. We have mixed feelings without being able to name each one and understand how we feel in particular. Writing our thoughts down makes it easier to clarify and understand what has happened and how we perceive it. Understanding what bothers you is the first step to overcoming any obstacles.
  3. Diaries can keep our secrets safe
    Of course, let us not forget that diaries are not only for the bad stuff. In there, we can write whatever we want and, in many cases, our secrets. The need to confess is vital in every human. Confession allows us to get rid of guilt as well. Some decades ago, it was the priest who had the role of hearing us out not only as our friends do but also listening to all the stuff we would want to keep secret, and still, they were too big to keep to ourselves. Today, psychologists play that role, but diaries can help in that direction too. As long as you keep your diary in a safe place, you have nothing to be afraid of.
  4. Having a record of you
    The diary can also help you remember what happened in the past. While everyone seems to forget the past, a diary is a good reminder of each situation. The good part is that as time goes by, we tend to become better. The diaries can be proof of that evolution. One of the most favorable outcomes of this process is realizing how much we have grown and gaining confidence about the things that used to trouble us the most. After a while, you can congratulate yourself on your enormous progress and have the self-esteem you need to move more confidently through life’s challenges.
  5. Seeing things differently
    Last but not least, most of the time, we tend to exaggerate. Each individual sees themselves as the center of the world, and the problems become more important too. This attitude will be depicted in how you write your story in the diary. Reading the diary a couple of months later will show you that you have probably been mistaken about the significance of a certain situation. The diary gives us the distance we need from our problems to deal with them calmly and coolly. So, to conclude, journaling could help us gain another perspective, which is probably the most realistic.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - C-Suite Agenda - The multiple Benefits of Journalism – 5 Reasons you should Start Keeping a Diary
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