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Most Expensive Dining In Santorini

From glamorous cliffside spots to authentic tavernas, Santorini is often tagged as an ideal destination for vacationers. The exquisite island in Greece is located near the Aegean Sea. It offers breathtaking views and natural landscapes, which are a treat for the eyes.
So, if you plan to visit the locale sometime soon, here is a list of dining options to check out. These restaurants promise sublime cuisine, impeccable Greek service, and warm settings making your overall experience a novel one.

  1. Le Ciel Restaurant
    Le Ciel is located near the Grecian shore and is helmed as the most luxurious eatery in Santorini. Not only is the place surrounded by eye-catching views, but its a la carte menu features the freshest and richest ingredients. This is mainly because the restaurant utilizes components that grow in the island’s rich volcanic soil and incorporate them into local and international cuisines. Thus, if you are heading out for a romantic evening with your partner, Le Ciel shall be your top pick.
  2. Lauda Restaurant
    Lauda Restaurant was established in 1971 and is one of the first dining options in the village of Oia. Today the eatery’s popularity is so great that holidayers flock to this place for an authentic gastronomic experience. Here the chefs aim to express the culinary identity of Santorini and the surrounding areas through a trail of Mediterranean cuisine using fresh produce. So, next time you are on the island, step into the restaurant and get ready to treat your taste buds with lip-smacking menus.
  3. Selene
    This award-winning restaurant is situated in the village of Pygros and was established in 1986. The fine dining option is famous for integrating ingredients from Santorini’s farmlands and vineyards into the local dishes. Once here, you can try the Cycladic Spinialo with octopus, sea bass, sea urchin, and meat dishes such as lamb sweetbreads. In addition to this, the restaurant also offers cooking classes, tasting, and degustation menus to the visitors.
  4. Santo Athiri
    Santo Athiri is a beachside eatery that is located on the Aegean Plaza. The restaurant is a hotspot for tourists who flock here to taste some of the most famous Greek dishes. From halloumi plates to full-fish dinners, the fine dining option houses all local favorites you can easily nibble upon. Also, if you are a hummus lover, you will be in for a treat here. Apart from all this, the staff here are funny and friendly, making the experience enjoyable.
  5. Opson Restaurant
    Opson Restaurant is part of Andronis Arcadia Hotel, providing guests with a unique dining experience. The eatery uses vegetables from their kitchen garden and locally sourced delicacies to bring forth a cuisine inspired by classical Greece. Here you can taste dishes made from fresh seafood, fish, capers, and Santorini cheese which will surely add a twist to your meal time.
  6. Lycabettus Restaurant
    If you love enjoying scenic sights while dining, then Lycabettus Restaurant is your go-to option. Perched on the edge of a hillside, the eatery provides stunning views of the sunset and the nearby Aegean Sea. The cuisine here perfectly matches the scenery as it features Greek and Mediterranean delights and seafood dishes. Diners can always choose from the a la carte menu, but the real star is the nine-course taster. Although the menu here changes regularly, it always brings forth amped-up versions of classic Greek cuisine.
  7. Nobu Santorini
    Nobu Santorini is an ideal seafront location that has plenty of local dishes on its menu. The restaurant sits atop cliffs and promises stunning postcard views of the nearby ocean to visitors. While the eatery is open to non-guests, holidayers who stay at the hotel can enjoy the privilege of private dining from their suites. Once at the place, do not forget to treat your palate with Miso Black Cod and Yellow Tail Sashimi, which are often tagged as Nobu favorites.



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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - C-Suite Lifestyle - Most Expensive Dining In Santorini
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