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Top 5 Citizenship By Real Estate Investment Programs 2022

Having a second home in a foreign land is not merely about having a place to stay. It can mean you have more reach than your peers, a better market for your goods, and a new economy to boost your business. Who would not love to have a place in the comforts of a neighborhood where you could lay back and relax? If you are searching for a similar destination, then we have just the place for you. Keep reading to find out the top 5 citizenship by real estate investment programs.

  1. Cyprus
    For an investment of USD 2000000 in commercial real estate or of USD 1500000 in private real estate, you can avail of residency benefits in the country. You can also purchase a home in the nation for USD 500,000. With the bare minimum of this investment, you can reside in the country and roam around freely.
    Moreover, you can even bring over your family from your home country. They enjoy the same benefit as you. Cyprus is one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in the world. Having such a place as your second home certainly gives you all the bragging rights you want!

  2. Grenada
    One of the benefits of applying to Grenada is the short processing time it takes. Within three months, your application gets processed, and you are on your way to a new home! For an investment of USD 220000 in its real estate, you can get a residency/citizenship in the country.
    Another benefit you will avail yourself of with Grenada is free or a visa-on-arrival to 127 nations. In a way, with this small investment in Grenada, the whole world lies within your reach. In addition to the applicant, the spouse and up to two children are included in the program.

  3. Saint Lucia
    Another excellent venture for your real estate investment is Saint Lucia. However, the asking amount for investment is slightly higher here, at USD300000. But the benefits you receive in return are even better than what you have seen. For starters, you get a visa-free or on-arrival to 128 countries, including the UK, Switzerland, the entire EU, and Hong Kong. Your application gets processed faster than compared to other nations. Sometimes, it might take as little as two months to get approved.

  4. Malta
    Another real estate investment country that will be exotic to live in is Malta. To get residency benefits in the country, you need to shell out somewhere near USD 700,000. Investing this amount into real estate will give you privileges such as Visa-free or on-arrival in 162 countries. And it includes the USA, Australia, UAE, Canada, the entire EU, Switzerland, etc. Your children get to study in the country without applying for a visa, and you can get your family members over for a stay or medical procedures.

  5. Antigua and Barbuda
    An investment of USD 200,000 will get you five years’ worth of residency benefits in the country. But I say that the mesmerizing location makes it worth it! Additionally, there are no residency requirements that come with the investment. You get to own a house in the nation and are free to travel to and from your home nation or travel the world! You get visa-free or on-arrival access to 132 countries. The countries include the UK, Switzerland, India, South Korea, Turkey, etc.
    Ultimately, it comes down to your selection; each of the above-mentioned destinations can be a dream. But you go where your business and your heart take you, right? Here’s to hoping that you found the right destination on our list. Until the next time, then!

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