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Two Statements For Our Everyday Ritual

Positive statements that can change our thinking can be repeated daily. The truth is that we can connect even if we have not resolved all of our issues. Today we hear more and more how important it is to resolve our inner issues to find peace and create healthy relationships. This is true, but sometimes it prevents us from getting closer to people. Our tendency to be perfect leads us to be lonely. The key here is to understand the whole philosophy behind them and understand what the fuss is all about. Let’s see some things that can help us improve and feel better.

I act so I can accomplish my future goals and not run from my past
Being present at the moment is one of the most precious things one can enjoy in their life. The goal is not to be trapped in the past nor to worry too much about the future. However, time, the way people can perceive it, is linear. This is the greatest issue we as a species are still trapped in. Our limited senses do not allow us to see what is beyond time. So everything we do in life is centered around this perception. The fact that we make plans or that we are being nostalgic about the past is strictly related to the fact that we cannot escape time. Inadequate as we are, we have to live life how we are designed to. At the point where we stand, we practically have two choices. One is to regret the past, and the other is to make plans for the future. The ideal thing to do is set future goals without letting past traumas affect us. We can take the time to process them, but it is not wise to let them interfere in our daily lives. Everything has its own moment, and whatever occurred in the past is now a memory.
A similar concept accompanies us in moments of grief. To overcome the pain when a beloved person is away, we think they go to a better place. So, according to this belief, dead people belong to the world of the dead, and those who are alive belong in life. The line that separates those two conditions protects us from focusing on things that we cannot change. Just like we cannot change death, neither can we change the past. The reason it is preferable to focus on the future is that the future is something that we can control up to a certain point because, as we stated before, time is linear indeed. The things we can change, we go ahead and change them; the things we cannot change, we just accept them as they are.

I am allowed to make mistakes as long as I learn from them
A vital statement that can help us improve is that we can make mistakes. In a world where making mistakes is not embraced, allowing yourself to do it is a blessing. The statement is: I am allowed to make mistakes as long as I learn from them. The choice of the phrase ”as long as” in the particular statement is not accidental. It has wisely been used here to remind us that mistakes should be considered as a chance to get better; otherwise, they are just a waste of time. The saying that ”making the same mistake twice is not the action of a wise man” is attributed to the ancient Greek poet called Menadros. According to this philosophy, mistakes are not taking place in order to teach us something. However, as long as they occur, they are a great opportunity to become wiser. Repeating them means we did not understand anything from the first time we did them. So, the bottom line is that we are allowed to make mistakes either way, regardless of whether we learn from them or not. However, we should keep in mind that this is the goal after all; otherwise, we cannot evolve.


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