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Travel in Time: How Could it Be?

Traveling through time can be an ambitious dream for many people, and the reality is that the benefits would be outstanding. Many books and movies have dealt with that vision, and who knows, maybe we can find a way to approach this concept too. Until then, it does not hurt to only dream about the wonderful opportunities this door opens. Besides, you can only do something as long as you have a vision for it.

  1. You could change the route of history
    Suppose you had the ability to be in a certain historical moment. In that case, the crucial question that comes up is whether you would be able to affect how events would evolve. Any observed system cannot be separated from its observer, right? At least, this is what modern physics has taught us. So, how would your entering be able to affect history?
  2. You could change your life
    Apart from moving to distant civilizations when nothing looks like now, you could also return to a certain point in your life and fix things. Decisions you have regretted, people you have hurt, opportunities you have not seized. Given that you can travel through time, we doubt that you would eliminate your choices to live a better version of your own life, but the option is still available for you.
  3. You could stay forever in a moment of complete peace
    Traveling through time does not mean that you will freeze time. However, you can press the fast-forward button as many times as you wish. Therefore, you can end up living the same minutes of your life repeatedly. We all have moments when we want time to just freeze and let us stay there forever. So, it would be more than cool to be able to do it. At this point, another challenge appears. Consider the possibility of staying forever in that magical moment or taking the chance and traveling through other periods where you could explore a whole different bunch of marvelous realities. This is actually a philosophical question. Clearly, we do not have the ability to travel in time. Yet, we are indeed given the option to move linearly in time, pointing at the future. Let us rephrase the question now. Would you rather be stuck in that perfect moment or be eager to see what life holds for you? Even though you are not given a choice, really, life has already answered that question for us. Curiosity is the leading factor that keeps us going. No matter how attractive this thought is, the truth is that at some point, we would not want to let time pass us by without enjoying the journey.
  4. You could just enjoy the trip
    Up to now, we have managed to travel to every land on Earth and reach the most breathtaking destinations. Our limitations due to body structure and perception have not allowed us to travel in time. As we get born, we press the ”start” button and let the tape be recorded. There are no back and forths, no stops and long pauses, and no possibility to skip parts you do not like. A journey through time could only be described as an ”I only I could do that.” You would not only be able to see how it would be to live in the past, but you could also see the life of future generations. An interesting movie shows us how it would be to travel in time but only in the future. The script is inspired by the process of freezing stuff in order to keep them fresh. Therefore, according to the movie, humans are frozen to travel to another planet far away. As the travel lasts for 200 years, people are frozen, so by the time they reach their destination, they have not grown old. If they decide to go back, they will follow the same procedure. Even though they will not have changed at all, everything around them on Earth will be different. In fact, it will be 400 years from now. We may not have figured out a way to the past, but we surely have a vivid imagination about how we can time travel to reveal the future.

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