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The Shelf-Absorbed Type of Person and How They Think

Relationships among people have always been challenging. In the past years, people would have to focus on how to survive and what they should do to reassure their well-being. Nowadays, these issues are more or less solved. Today, we have the luxury to deal with things that would only be characterized as unfortunate details in the past. Still, the need to build stronger and more sincere relationships seems more significant than ever. In this article, we analyze the shelf-absorbed type of people.

  1. Refusing to listen to other people
    In the world of a self-absorbed person, there is no space for other people. If you are looking for a listener to give you helpful advice, you are probably not in the right territory. This type of person mainly refers to where the subject turns their attention. Consequently, it is all about the inside. That person’s eyes are not looking outside to the world but inside in a place that seems to trouble them the most. To avoid misunderstandings, focusing on the inside is usually helpful. In this case, however, constant observation does not lead to useful conclusions and the possibility of becoming a better person. This observation does not come with advantages or turn into real issues.
  2. Using others as a tool to build self-esteem
    Their lack of self-esteem will make these people turn to other resources for the attention, comfort, and acceptance they need. These resources are other people. Do not be offended if you discover that they only want to take advantage of you, and do not take it personally. This is who they are, and you are not going to change them. Your only responsibility is towards yourself, and prioritizing yourself is the best you can do in this case.
  3. Neglecting others and the world in general
    People who are into themselves are not only uninterested in their friends. They also seem to not care about the entire world. Life is not only about friendships, connections, and interactions. It also involves a whole other spectrum, including hobbies, knowledge, the excitement to discover new things, etc. A person who cannot take their eyes off themselves is not likely to discover the beauty hidden in the world around them. Excursions, theater, and family are not what they care about. The only way you may find these people occupied with these kinds of stuff is to attract your attention and make you create a good opinion about them. The lack of true self-esteem will lead them to make choices based on what others think of them. Therefore, if going for a trip makes them look more adventurous, perhaps they will attempt to do it even though they will not enjoy it as much as they claim they did. Their exploration of the world does not include studying science or learning history. Therefore the only thing that catches their attention is their own personality.
  4. Being alone
    People are afraid of loneliness, so they create bonds with other people. However, there is a huge difference between connecting and sharing the same room. People who focus on themselves are not loners. On the contrary, they need other people to confirm their existence and praise their identity. Even though their lives may be filled with relationships with a certain profile, their connection ability is still poor. The most important reason they cannot connect is that they do not want to. In fact, among several other types of people, the shelf-absorbed type seems to be the most honest in terms of intentions. These people have never intended to fool you and show you a fake identity. It is their audience that has willingly followed them, perhaps due to a lack of inner consciousness.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - Special Reports - The Shelf-Absorbed Type of Person and How They Think
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