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The Pros and Cons of Online Studying

Ever since the pandemic appeared, remote work has been common. The same pattern is followed in education too. Students of all ages are called to attend their lessons from the convenience of their houses. Today, we decided to focus on the advantages and disadvantages of this model and see whether we like it.


  1. Lower cost
    For starters, online classes are, most of the time, cheaper than normal studies. This happens because teachers have already prepared an organized material that will be presented in class, and they have recorded it. Therefore they do not spend as much time as they would do in a normal class. In addition, there is no need to rent big buildings that will host all the students and teachers that will be at the lesson. Everyone has to find their own place to study, which means that this is not provided by the college or any institution that offers online classes. The cost of it is significantly decreased.
  2. Constant accessibility and flexible schedules
    Because of the fact that a lot of the material is videotaped, this means students have access to it anytime. Surely, there will be live events where they will be able to ask all their questions – even though these will be recorded as well – but they will also have the chance to go through the material they have to learn at any place and time that is convenient for them. Here, there is no excuse for missing classes, and everyone can have all of the information they need to study and pass the exams.
  3. Advanced tools
    Let us not forget that online education comes with a series of advanced technological tools that the teacher can use. Videos, PDFs, and things that would not be used in the class otherwise. Technology can be on our side when we decide to allow students to complete their studies remotely.
  4. No distractions from other students
    Finally, one thing that, for some people, seems to be more than vital is the interaction that happens within the walls of the classroom. Especially when we talk about education at younger ages, the distractions that kids may receive from their pupils are a crucial obstacle to their concentration. Teachers struggle to keep the kids quiet, and teasing each other seems to be more common than learning. Studying online prevents that and allows students to focus and learn.


  1. Too much screen time is not healthy
    The number one disadvantage is the increased time we spend on screens nowadays. Scientists all over the world agree that the time spent on a computer has to be decreased, and online studying does not help in that direction. Taking this into account, people will have to reduce other activities that include screens, such as social media and TV.
  2. Constant isolation, no social interaction
    One of the major parameters in which online studying affects our lives is the constant isolation it imposes on the population. Young kids, especially, need to interact with kids of their own age. School is not only about the time in the classroom; it is also about the fun kids have during breaks and how they socialize with others. To be honest, it is not just the young ones that have difficulties in adjusting to isolation. However, kids are also deprived of the opportunity to learn how to socialize, which is something that adults have already achieved.
  3. Hard to concentrate on screens
    It is not a few who find it hard to concentrate on a screen. For many people, the interaction that occurs in the class between the teacher and the students is irreplaceable. Live teaching is essential to understand the lesson. The movements and the ability to see all of the teacher’s body and how it reacts can give a part of the information that is missed when a camera focuses on a particular area of the space. Screens cut a part of the information that is important to understand, and some students find the quality of service to be lower.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - Education and Career - The Pros and Cons of Online Studying
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