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What Challenges Teach Us

Is it easier to succeed when things are going smoothly for you? One could probably suggest that this is more likely to happen. However, history proves that people who now have a place in the history books all had to face extreme challenges to reach a point of success. Churchill, Hawking, and Oprah are just some of the examples on the list. One thing all these people have in common is that they are overcomers.
For most people, living in an environment where there are plenty of opportunities will be ideal for getting you up to a point where you will have resolved a variety of issues that would make your life harder. Still, to pass the line from average to being a master in something is more challenging than we expect. It seems that difficulties act as a motivation. In an interview with Rolling Stone magazine, Elon Musk made a statement about his father. He publicly admitted that his father was not a good person, in his opinion. A statement like that shows that there are still a lot of feelings regarding this particular person in the businessman’s life. This statement is only mentioned at this point to see how difficulties can affect people positively. What was that force that drove Elon Musk to make a statement like that? Among all the interesting pieces of advice he has so many times shared with the public and all the exciting ideas about the future of humanity, at some point, he felt the need to take a break and talk about something personal. It seems that his father was perhaps one of the most influential people he ever came across with.
To avoid making random conclusions, we will just talk about how difficulties can influence a person in a positive way. It is possible that the challenges this father gave to his own child helped the kid obtain a freer way of thinking in his attempt to understand his dad and, finally, the world. The one aspect in which difficulty can act in a good way is because it proves there are alternatives. This is what being a free person is about. Being open to accepting different paths and ways that will lead you to success is crucial.
The other thing that can be observed has to do with choices. The obstacles create situations where people simply do not have a choice. The absence of different choices one can make means that they do not have to waste time to find out which is the best one. It is hard to realize it as it is often believed to be a blessing. However, having too many choices can work in a way where you will be distracted instead of free. To be precise, let us provide you with some examples.
Cuba is an island in the Caribbean Sea where people do not import goods from other countries. Poor trading activity results in limited choices when it comes to products. The view someone will see if they enter a supermarket in Havana will be weird. If you want to buy pasta, you will see that all the selves in that section are used to store a single brand of pasta. In addition, there is a single shape of pasta. There are no different types of spaghetti. While the choices are eliminated, and someone may feel they are out of options, the result is spectacular. A visit to the supermarket will never take more than 10 minutes. This is because you do not have to spend your entire day choosing among different types of products that practically serve the same need. Finally, you get to have more time to deal with things you really care about.
Having to face extreme difficulties is, of course, not preferable. Otherwise, we would prefer to live in poverty. Yet, good things can come out of stressful situations, and we should be able to see the bright side of life in general.


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