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Too Suspicious? When Things Get Out Of Control

Some people could characterize our society as a hostile environment where friendships and all kinds of relationships are not easy to develop. Relationships can be challenging, and it is not only the individual to blame. Society has a great share of responsibility for this one. We, as members of society, can do our best to allow our small social circles to communicate in a healthy and friendly way. In addition, we can do our best to help people who seem to have lost their way and become obsessed with other people’s reactions. Some personalities will externalize their suspicion in two different and common ways, and this is what we will discuss in today’s article.

They talk about people when they are gone
Gossip is a very common practice among various groups of people. The fact that we have heard people gossiping in the past sometimes makes us believe that other people will talk about us when we are gone too. Of course, this is not a conclusion that comes out of the blue. It is based on observation and generalization, two mechanisms that constantly work in human brains, which have proved helpful for us in a series of circumstances. If they were not useful, we would have rejected them already. At this point, let us clarify that generalization is the situation where we see something happening once. Then, we assume that the phenomenon will happen again whenever the circumstances are the same. Sometimes we may even conclude that even if some of the parameters are still the same, they should be enough to allow the phenomenon to occur again. However, becoming too suspicious about everyone and everything around us is not one of the positive outcomes of generalization. It only seems to cause trouble rather than doing any good. Besides, people talk all the time, and sometimes they will do it behind your back. The healthy thing to do here is to accept it and make peace with it. Once you have overcome your personal issues, you will instantly stop thinking that everyone is against you, and you will be able to live a normal life again.

They want to harm others
Apart from saying bad things about ourselves, sometimes we may even think that others want to hurt us. This is when things get serious, and one should not hesitate to reach out for professional help. If you have a person who suffers from these obsessions in your close environment, encourage them to be strong and go talk to a licensed therapist. In any case, it is useful to know what happens in these situations and why people choose to open that door of madness. The concept is basically simple. At this point, people’s main problem is that they perceive other people as competitors. Basically, humanity is divided into two categories: ourselves and the threats. As threats, we can consider everyone who is equally ”good” as we are or people who have the same interests. If two people want the same thing, this means they will have to fight over who will get it, or at least this is why this category of people will assume. In reality, when two people or groups of people want the same thing, they can fight. Still, they can also make an alliance and see how they can cooperate to get it faster and more adequately and easily. People who cooperate belong to those who will perceive other people as friends instead of enemies. These people are more sensitive to other individuals’ emotions and can be more caring and understanding. What makes the first category so hostile is not that they are more competitive. The reason is that they have very poor judgment and intelligence when it comes to social interactions. Perceiving everything as a threat is a sign of weakness, and this is why we should do our best to offer some help.


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