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Top 10 Destinations Preferred By Chinese Travelers (New Survey)

European countries and destinations in Asia are among the top choices of Chinese travelers. More specifically, France is at the top of the European destinations preferred by Chinese travelers, as a recent study by Dragon Trail reveals. It is interesting to explore where the Chinese would love to go. So, which are the top places Chinese travelers would like to visit when there are no more restrictions? Hong Kong, Japan, Macau, Thailand, South Korea, France, Taiwan, the Maldives, Singapore, and Australia are in the top 10.
Hong Kong is at the top of the list because it got the highest percentage of frequent travelers visits from Chinese travelers. The Chinese never get tired of enjoying their vacations in Hong Kong. In particular, Hong Kong scored 39% in terms of repeated visits.
Second on the list is Japan, which received a repeated visit rate of 23%. In third place is what is known as the Las Vegas of Asia, Macau. Thailand is in fourth place, and South Korea is in fifth place. In sixth place, we have a European destination, France. It is impressive that the percentage of repeated visits to the country is only 9%, while the percentage of Chinese who want to visit it for the first time is 91%.
In 7th place there is Taiwan, and in 8th is the Maldives. In 9th place, we see Singapore; in 10th, we have Australia. While the percentages of repeated visitors are very low in the four destinations mentioned above, the percentage of those who stated that they want to visit for the first time is very high. So, for example, in Taiwan, 88% want to go for the first time; in the Maldives, 86% want to go for the first time; in Singapore, 96%; and in Australia, 88% of Chinese respondents want to go for the first time.
However, many said they wanted to go to Japan, Thailand, Macao, and South Korea for the first time. Specifically, 77% said they wanted to go to Japan for the first time, 69% to Macau, 73% to Thailand, and 87% to South Korea.
The report on Chinese traveler behavior also revealed that one-third (32.7%) of Chinese said shopping was the purpose of their next outbound trip. This was the fifth most important factor for travel, after trying local cuisine (60.8%), experiencing local life (56.7%), the beach and sea (51.8%), and visiting attractions such as museums (45.7%).
Other reasons why Chinese will travel are to visit family-friendly attractions (31.3%), tour mountains and forests (27.4%), do nature activities (25.7%), or attend a festival or concert (20.7%). At the same time, the percentage of Chinese who would take a road trip is only 10.9%, while 8.6% of Chinese said they would travel for wellness and 7.2% for business.
In the post-Covid era, the percentage of Chinese willing to travel has increased. Of course, there is a series of updates to China’s COVID policy and restrictions around international travel. However, the tendency to meet different cultures still exists.

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