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What Young People Want And Need

The things we want during our lives are not constantly the same. A particular dynamic determines what we need and, eventually, what we will need to chase. Today, we focus on the early years of a person’s life when they will actively pursue to claim what they want.

  1. Opportunities to learn
    The number one thing a young adult or a grown child needs is the opportunity to learn new stuff. Experimenting is a mechanism that we use to find out things that will prove useful for our survival and reproduction as an instinct. Therefore, learning does not differ much from the basic biological needs we know already. School is dedicated to this process, and sports and hobbies are necessary for a young person’s life. Most of us can remember ourselves as children, and even if we don’t, we can observe children around us in the present time. Kids are equipped with funny skills. One of them is that they have the energy and enthusiasm to repeat a certain act as many times as needed to learn something new. They will fall a million times until they manage to walk, but they will finally make it, and they will not stop trying until they do. Their physical body can help them in that direction since they do not get as tired as adults. This repetition and excitement allow them to learn a whole bunch of new things, and young people love that.
  2. Friends and loving relationships
    Regarding families, there are two ways someone can think about this sector. One point of view is the one of being a parent. The other one is where you have the role of the child. Our priorities constantly characterize our lives. If you ask a young kid to choose between family and friends, they will probably tell you that their friends are the most essential thing in the world. If you ask the same person the same question years later, they will tell you family is more important. What has changed during those years? The determining criterion that makes people change their answer depends on where they place themselves each time. A young kid views the family as a system that controls most of its actions and deprives them of the freedom they so deeply desire. An adult talks about the family from the view of a parent. In this case, the family, which is mainly oriented around the existence of kids, gains a whole different meaning. Kids are a fabulous source of learning and playful interaction. Therefore, even though the answer of the same person has changed, it basically remains the same. The reason for that is that when they refer to a family, they talk about the family they have created on their own and not the one they inherited when they were born. The idea that they have control over this new situation changes their whole perspective on family and why they end up prioritising it.
  3. A stable environment
    Even though the existence of a family in a child’s life is more important than in the case of an adult, a kid does not seem to quite realize that. They take all the financial resources that family provides for granted and care more about having time with their friends. Regardless of what the true needs are, friends are what triggers young people the most. Especially young adults around 20 to 25 years old who finally have the choice to determine how to spend their free time will prefer to spend the least time possible with family and want to make space for friends and new adventures. Apart from the family, we should better talk about a stable environment. The younger a person is, the more important it is to have access to all the resources that are crucial for their development, including a schedule that can help them feel safe. Having a stable environment is vital for the mental and psychological health of the young person. In addition, the idea that there will be things happening on a daily basis and things that someone cannot skip during the day is not as suppressive as it sounds. Things like that create a sense of security that, according to psychiatrists, is essential for the normal development of each individual.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - Big Picture - What Young People Want And Need
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