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Relationship Counseling And How It Helps

In many cases, people visit a counselor to solve their differences couples. However, it is not rare that the relationships between parents and teenagers face problems as well. Perhaps in this case, the advice of a professional is more vital and can protect the teenager from creating problematic relationships in the future.
Still, love seems to be the hottest issue in most people’s lives. In Greek mythology, the God of love was called ”Eros.” Eros had a brother named ”Anti-Eros” which meant the opposite of Eros. They both represented the passionate love between two people, but Antieros represented all the stories that had a hard ending and the situations where love was not turned back. While the God named Eros was depicted as an angel with open wings, Antieros kept his wings down and was cursed never to fly happily over the sky. The sculptures that we have from that time show that failure in life is not a problem that only concerns modern society. Romantic relationships share many similarities with the bonding we had with our mothers and try to satisfy the primitive need to connect with others.
According to Irvin Yalom, a famous writer and psychiatrist, passionate love is often the result of narcissistic motivation. People want to confirm their dominance over the spirit and body of the other person. It is common that this is expressed in terms of passion, as most of us have experienced it. The acceptance of the other person comes to confirm our existence and power. The absence of this deeper need would create more healthy relationships, according to many scientists and would protect us from getting hurt.
It sounds as if scientists imply that falling in love is a sign of weakness rather than a sign that the individual is emotionally rich and open enough to discover the power of love on the face of another person. This idea is popular in scientific circles, but no one is brave enough to suggest that falling in love is just overestimated. Art has a different opinion. In most artistic works, love is praised and adored, and people admire this great emotion linked with reproduction and the survival of our species. Poets, musicians, and artists of all kinds show their respect and feel the need to create art that will deal with this priceless feeling. Humans are the only creatures blessed with the luxury to experience love to such an extent. At the same time, it seems that problems are a part of the nature of this unique process. When things get hard, professionals take action and basically follow a few specific steps to resolve the problems that appear in the relationship.

  1. The de-escalation of the tension
    In the beginning, people reach the doctor’s office with many unsolved issues and carry many disagreements and frustration. It requires extreme sensibility on the part of the counselor to distinguish the difference between the interjections, the withdrawal of partners, or the hidden cries for consolation and support. The relationship would not face any difficulties if the partners did not have their own problems. These issues that each one has personally are being reflected as the partner unconsciously creates problems in the relationship. At this point, a calm person has to take the role of helping people get rid of the extra tension and become more open to listening to the other side.
  2. Discovering the vicious circle
    Once both members have relaxed, it is important to start placing things in the right position. People will have to realize what is the force that makes them repeat the same mistakes. Perhaps there is a pattern that accompanies every fight, and that has to be identified and worked on.
  3. Stabilizing the bonds
    The last step would be to help the couple stabilize their bonds finally. This is done by making partners feel safe to express their feelings. In cases when one or both partners are afraid to let themselves feel things and connect with other people, helping them feel comfortable with that is a part of the process.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - Big Picture - Relationship Counseling And How It Helps
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