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Nuremberg: A Christmas Destination In Europe

Nuremberg at Christmas, the Bavarian diamond is decorated for the most beautiful holiday of the year and awaits you to discover it. The whole city is handed over to Christmas elves. Hidden in the roofs of the houses, the locals and visitors walk to the accompaniment of the fairytale song “du fröhliche”. Renaissance houses opposite medieval castles, imposing temples, cobbled alleys, fountains, and picturesque squares. The Christmas market, with its hundreds of wooden outdoor houses, the unique female Angel, and Bavarian delicacies, compose the setting of the city. One thousand one reasons to fall in love with Nuremberg over and over again at Christmas. Come and meet and fall in love with every corner of the medieval city of Germany.

Nuremberg and the tradition of the Christmas market
What differentiates the Nuremberg Christmas market from others in Prague, Vienna, etc., is that it is so old and traditional. The earliest references to Christkindlsmarkt – as they call it – date back to the 15th century. In one of the museums, you can admire a handmade wooden box with a nominal inscription and a date of 1628. The locals are proud of it.

The magic of Christkindlsmarkt in Nuremberg
Facebook Instagram and Facebook stories unfold in the square of Hauptmarkt in the Old City of Nuremberg. Christkindlsmarkt has been set up there for years. The huge celebration begins on November 30 and ends on December 24. Over 180 wooden benches with red or white fabric dominate exclusively at Christmas. Many of the stalls date from 1890. Traditional local cooperatives sell thousands of handmade wooden ornaments and Angels on the market. Carousel and other games will awaken childhood memories and give a warm smile to young and old friends.

The Blond Angel of Nuremberg
The events in Nuremberg’s Old Town open with a blonde female angel, Christ Child. The election of the Angel takes place every two years. The requirements for a girl to win the title are four. To begin with, the girl has to be from Nuremberg, aged 16-19 years, not be afraid of heights and know her opening speech. The idea of the Angel comes from the time of Luther, who wanted to limit the worship of Santa Claus and remove the world from the Catholic Church. The angel girl with blond curly hair is dressed in white and gold. She wears a huge golden crown and two huge golden wings. Every Friday, she goes out on the balcony of the Cathedral Church and invites people to come forward. She visits schools, hospitals, and nursing homes and hands out gifts.

The sweet and savory sins of the drunken market
The cold and snow of Nuremberg do not look scary with a glass of German mulled wine Glühwein. In particular, the hot raspberry wine of the GERSTACKER family will take you to a forest full of blueberries, trees, and animals that run carefree through nature. The Christmas sweets Zwetschgenmännle and Lebkuchen will take off your taste buds. The sweet bread with ginger from the 13th century and the delicious grilled sausages of Nuremberg will delight even the most demanding visitor. Admire the symbol of Nuremberg’s Christmas market, the 19-metre Schoner Brunnen fountain adorned by elaborate sculptures.

Where to go
Nuremberg, built in the Valley of the Pegnitz River and the fortification Castle Kaiserburg at the highest point of the city, takes you to the Middle Ages era. Enjoy the view of the city from above. Visit the famous museum with the emperor’s rooms, the 11th-century church, and the imposing Sinwellturm and Luginsland towers. Tour the House-Museum of the painter Albrecht Doner and admire the adjacent houses of the 16th century. Find yourself in the 14th-century “nursing home of the spirit” by the river. Take a photo of the Maxbrücke bridge, which joins two historic squares and the massive Medieval Church of St. Sebalduskirche. Finally, upload a story from the Wooden Bridge Of The Executioner and mentally transfer yourself to the era of the executioners of the Middle Ages.

The Nuremberg of games
Christmas without toys can’t be. That’s why Nuremberg opened the Toy Museum with a 600-year history. Ornate dollhouses, wood sculptures, unique technology toys, and a roller coaster will transform you into a little gangster of a bygone era.


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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - C-Suite Travel - Nuremberg: A Christmas Destination In Europe
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