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AJ Osborne’s Mission to Resurrect Capitalism For The Everyday Investor

AJ Osborne, CEO of Cedar Creek Capital
AJ Osborne, CEO of Cedar Creek Capital

Historically, in times of economic strife, a large portion of society becomes so displeased with the current economic system that they begin to support another. In the U.S., they typically turn towards socialism. As we make our way through what is now called the year of the recession, it’s likely that once a recession truly starts, people will once again claim that our capitalist system is no longer working and should be traded in for a better model.

What if, instead of abandoning it, we fix the problems instead? This is exactly what some business owners have been trying to do – save capitalism – and they started well before the economic downturn. One such business owner is AJ Osborne, CEO of Cedar Creek Capital, and he has made it his mission to resurrect capitalism. 

The Why Behind Cedar Creek Capital

Osborne knew that he had to place his previous life in the rearview mirror and that nothing would be the same again when he lost his job while laid up in the hospital. Until he recovered, he’d have to rely solely on some well-placed investments in self-storage that provided him and his family with passive income.  

During the holiday season, Osborne was reflecting on his financial stability despite his unfortunate physical circumstances, and he made a bold decision that would ultimately lead to the creation of Cedar Creek Capital. He decided to invest all of his resources into helping others find the same financial freedom in the self-storage business that had saved his family’s way of life. This decision was the catalyst Osborne used to create a successful business that is changing the way investors participate in the economy.

Osborne founded Cedar Creek Capital with the intention of resurrecting capitalism from the bottom up and giving investors the power to take control of their finances, rather than being controlled by them. The “why” behind the business is to help the “everyday” investor achieve financial freedom and he knew that he was the leader to make this dream a reality.

Osborne had a vision for a business model that would make clients outside of the finance field feel comfortable investing in a passive income project. They wouldn’t have to have large sums at hand — though they would need to be accredited — or make any decisions independently. Osborne would coordinate every aspect of the project, and his everyday investors would become true “owners” of pieces of his self-storage projects.

Investors loved it. They were learning from him, gaining financial independence, and opening their minds to a new model of capitalism. Since launching, he’s had much interest from corporate entities, but he insists on working with and helping the individual investor. 

“We have had to make the difficult decision to pivot away from opportunities that initially appear to be very promising, but after conducting due diligence, finding that the deal does not meet our high standards for protecting and growing wealth for our investors,” shared Osborne. 

He is also determined to keep the wealth generated by his deals in the hands of his loyal individual investors. 

“In recent years, capitalism has become increasingly concentrated in the hands of the ultra-wealthy,” Osborne said. “I am working to change this and bring capitalism back to the masses by creating more equitable and accessible investment opportunities. I believe we can restore capitalism to its rightful place as a tool for economic growth and prosperity for all.” 

Doing Things Differently

Osborne has become a renowned thought leader for his unique approach to business. His business model includes organizing his own team of individual investors to turn underperforming properties into high-yield, modern turnkey self-storage facilities, including providing his own financing, architects, marketing, bookkeeping, branding, and property management.

His model has caught the attention of the next generation of investors, while his self-storage podcast and best-selling book on the investment class have made him a go-to mind in the industry. 

Osborne is proud of blazing a trail different from other investment firms. Using the Cedar Creek Capital model, investors benefit from short-term gains while still accruing long-term growth. 

Transparent Leadership

Transparency is an important concept at Cedar Creek Capital. Osborne’s beliefs in transparency extend to his team and his clients. He has always led with honesty and credits the trait for much of his success. To the entrepreneur, building trust is one of the most important foundations of business.  

Osborne didn’t get into the industry to get rich quickly but to turn his life around after his health scare and empower others to find the financial freedom that he has and begin to truly enjoy their lives. 

“We have a mindset that does not rely on the market to make our success. This attitude has enabled us to experience massive growth, even through difficult times,” he said. “We believe that our success is not dependent on external factors but on our depth of knowledge and ongoing alertness that a bull market can change to a bear market at any moment and being prepared to adjust accordingly. This has been the foundation of our success and will continue to be the driving force behind our future successes.”

Today, Osborne remains committed to growing his empire, succeeding through a positive mindset, and helping others to conquer capitalism and lead financially fulfilling lives.  

About AJ Osborne

AJ Osborne, CEO of Cedar Creek Capital, is the leading expert and voice in the self-storage industry with the No. 1 bestselling book and top-rated and listened-to self-storage podcast. He has been featured on top real estate podcasts and is the go-to resource for self-storage investment advice across social media platforms, including YouTube. Accredited investors can find more information here:

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