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Best Fitness Tracker Apps In To Use In 2023

According to eMarketer, the number of fitness app users is estimated to be more than 84 million in the US itself! This is a testament to the rising demand for fitness-tracking apps. The fitness tracking technology has evolved drastically from the basic ability to count steps to the capabilities of tracking blood oxygen, heart rate, hours slept, and much more! While tracking is important, fitness tracking apps help you keep a log of activities, track progress, and function as a source of motivation.
The best fitness-tracking apps to use in 2023 are:

  1. Sworkit
    Free trial: Seven days
    Pricing: $9.99 monthly or $59.99 annually
    Platforms: Android and iOS
    Notable features: You get access to a broad library of HIIT, strength training, and Yoga workouts.
    Verdict: Best for beginners who wish to get started with their workout journey.
    Sworkit has a workout for people of all ages. With an impressive library of 900 exercises, Sworkit can serve up exercises to help achieve any fitness goal.

  2. Strava
    Pricing: Free
    Platforms: Android and iOS
    Notable features: You can sync it with your wearable device to track runs and bike rides. You can also share your progress with other Strava users.
    Verdict: Best budget alternatives for those who focus on cardio workouts.
    Strava is a joy for runners and cyclists! You can gamify your workouts by tracking your workouts and having a look at what your fellow athletes have been up to.

  3. Nike Training Club
    Pricing: Free

    Platforms: Android and iOS
    Notable features: It lets you choose from a wide variety of trainer-led training workouts.
    Verdict: The best alternative for those on a budget.
    The Nike Training Club app is like a workout partner. You have hundreds of individual workouts and multi-week workout programs to choose from. On the screen, you can see the correct form to effectively and safely perform any exercises. Some of the programs also let you know nutrition tips.

  4. Alo Moves
    Free trial: Seven days

    Pricing: $20 monthly or $99.50 annually
    Platforms: iOS
    Notable features: Lets you in on an extensive library of instructor-led endurance, HIIT, mindfulness, and Yoga classes.
    Verdict: Best app for those who like it the Yoga way.
    Expert coaches will guide you to get the most out of your Yoga, Pilates, and Meditation sessions. You get access to more than 20 styles of classes, such as Core and Vinyasa. You can choose classes based on your schedule, targets, and difficulty level.

  5. Noom
    Free trial: Seven days
    Pricing: $60 monthly or $199 annually
    Platforms: Android and iOS
    Notable features: Uses psychologically proven strategies to help you make healthier lifestyle decisions.
    Verdict: Best app for those who wish to lose flab.
    Noom is more about getting you the necessary motivation to get off the couch and adopt an active lifestyle. You are asked to answer a questionnaire based on your lifestyle and goals. After learning about you, it formulates a plan for your daily lessons for your target calorie range, psychology, and goals. You will be able to track food and water intake along with your weight. Noom also allocates you a personal coach.

  6. Future
    Free trial: 30 days
    Pricing: $149 monthly
    Platforms: iOS
    Notable features: It allows you to work out from home with one-on-one communication with a personal trainer.
    Verdict: The most comprehensive app on this list.
    Arguably, Future provides the most personalized workout experience out of all the options on this list. Future has collaborated with many certified trainers, and one of those will create custom workout plans most suited to your objectives and capabilities. You’ll get a custom workout plan every week that is conducive to achieving your objective. Your trainer will check up on you and share advice on improving your workouts. You get to choose the trainer with whom you wish to train. And one important thing to remember – Future doesn’t charge you any extra cost if you wish to change trainers.

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