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Why People Love Being In A Relationship

People will create relationships and bonds with several individuals around them. Some will be successful, and some will end up in conflicts, breakups, or divorces. Apart from the intention of creating a family or the concept of being with someone you love, relationships have some basic advantages. Today, the idea of marriage is not so popular for many reasons but this does not mean that the model of permanent relationships has changed dramatically. Couples who live under the same roof practically live as if they were married. Still, why are permanent relationships so important for us? According to psychiatrists, there are three things marriage is about after all, and these are the ones we are going to talk about today. Apparently, they are very important to people, so even independent personalities are willing to sacrifice their freedom to secure these needs.

  1. Satisfaction on primitive instincts – sex and what that represents
    To start with, let us think about biology. Being in a permanent relationship means that you have access to mating and having sex most of the time. Sex is a basic biological need of all animals and humans, so it is hard to resist. When you are single, the possibility of finding someone to share this wonderful experience at any time is quite low. In addition, a love partner offers a lot more than that. The intimacy created between people who have known each other for a long time is remarkable. Some people would not change this for the world. For couples who have a good match, this can be crucial. Risking to find someone else with who you may not bond that well sounds controversial. After a while, people can express themselves openly and talk to their partners about what they enjoy and how they would like their interaction to continue. At the same time, as the feelings for each other grow, so does the sexual bond. Therefore, it is not just about sex. It is about bonding and having a strong feeling of love for other people, which is usually not granted unless you are with someone for a while.
  2. Companionship – when your partner is your best friend
    While people share their sexual needs, they also create a kind of friendship. Lovers have many ways to communicate; if there is one thing a serious relationship can offer, this is communication. Sex is a form of communication, but this is not all there is. Love can also be expressed with words. A life partner is a person you will probably spend a considerable amount of your time with. Being on the same page is important to have a good time. A successful relationship provides that for both members in a generous way. If two people have decided to be together, they can communicate on this level as well. Sexual chemistry alone is not enough to keep two people together for a long time. Passion will eventually decrease, and friendship is what is left at the end.
  3. Social profile – how a relationship can be an alliance
    The person we choose to be with is not only the person we will spend our time with. It is also the person we will present to a number of friends, colleagues, and family members. Introducing someone to your social circle means you are proud of them. This person is your other half, and in a way, it is like saying to people, ”I like this person enough to become a couple with them. They are partially a side of me.” So, a partner is a person you walk in life with, and this way, you allow a side of yourself to be seen by other people. Let us not forget that people enjoy being accepted by society. Some stereotypes govern this world and certainly affect us. For many people, being single is interpreted as being lonely or unsuccessful. Therefore, a partner helps us make a kind of alliance. From that point, we feel we are not alone and that we have someone to fight on our side and defend us. It is hard to underestimate the significance of this part, and this is why many times people move on with this decision.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - Critical thinking - Why People Love Being In A Relationship
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