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Why People Forget

Memory is a vital human characteristic, and sharp memory is a great skill. It allows people to be more productive and successful in whatever they choose to do. Memory is quite linked with intelligence since it is necessary to make logical assumptions. But in types of intelligence unrelated to problem-solving, memory is also crucial. For example, a musically intelligent person has to remember sounds to understand what they hear. Then they compare them with other sounds they have heard and create new sounds and music. A small space to keep the information is needed to be able to perform. Commonly, people will forget things, and they will act accordingly. The difference between a person’s memory and someone else may be extraordinary, allowing us to understand that the human brain has countless abilities. Thinking of how far we can go reveals what we can do if we work on our full potential. Apart from bad genes, who else is to accuse? Today, we will discuss why some people we know appear to have a very weak memory and what holds them back.

  1. They do not care enough
    First, we must clear out that we usually have a talent for something because we enjoy spending time on it. The things that we are interested in are the ones we are usually good at. It is those who catch our attention and allow us to forget that we have to focus. Attention is oriented towards these things without us even realizing it. Sometimes, we cannot remember or concentrate on things being discussed at the moment because our attention is focused on something that appears to be more interesting. It is all about attention and focus, and once we ensure this, strong memory will follow.
  2. They want to forget
    Amnesia is a clever mechanism the brain has developed to protect us from painful memories with nothing to offer. Amnesia is a condition when we forget basic information about ourselves that seems too important to be deleted. Of course, this is a very rare phenomenon. Still, to a certain extent, it is a mechanism commonly used by our subconscious mind to keep us safe and happy. Sometimes as the mind tries to forget stuff, it fails to understand which memories it needs to keep and which it has to reject. You see, memories are often mixed because the brain has this mechanism that combines information to remember things that will be useful in the future. Once it erases some of the memories in the ”hard disc,” other documents are lost accidentally. As memory becomes weak to protect us from specific traumas, the whole mentality is being damaged. To protect our souls, we ”destroy” our brains.
  3. They change priorities
    Sometimes things change, and sometimes we are the ones who change. As change occurs, things that were important in the past may not be as vital in the present; this means that their significance is reduced. Keeping them in our memory is just a waste of space, so we are so eager to get rid of them.
  4. They pretend
    Finally, let us not neglect the possibility of someone pretending they forgot. Here, we talk about cases like when someone claims they forgot to pick up the clothes from the dry cleaner. This way, they do not have to apologize for being lazy. Who can get mad at someone who has a flaw and never had a bad intention in the first place? In addition, there is also another type of ”fake amnesia.” It is the case where someone refuses that they have done or said something because they simply have regrets. They do not want to admit they were wrong and apologize, so they claim they do not remember their actions or words. One has to be able to tell the difference between someone who fakes and someone who genuinely fails to remember some facts. This way, we can protect ourselves from liars and cowards and keep only people who matter in our lives and know how to be honest.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - Big Picture - Why People Forget
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