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Gruyeres In Switzerland: The Perfect Winter Destination

Beautiful view of Gruyeres in Switzerland

Gruyeres, the medieval village at the foot of the Alps with eight centuries of history, will enchant you. Discover the fairytale village of Switzerland. Chalet houses with tiled roofs, cosy socle with large fireplaces. Cobbled streets, green landscapes, or white landscapes because of the snow in winter will intoxicate your visual senses. Houses of the 15th-17th centuries, the impregnable castle, the playful local costumes, will take you to the era of Katharina Morello’s fairy tales. The heroes of our favorite novels, The Legends of the village took shape and reveal to us its hidden beauties. The home of authentic Swiss chocolate and Swiss cheese. Lovers of sweet and savory sins, come get drunk with the Swiss Dream of the Alps.

Bienvenue à Gruyeres
Legend wants the village to have been created by a warlord of the tribes of the North, named Gruyeres. Gruyeres was looking for a new place to build his own ”Promised Land.” Passing through monstrous forests where only Giants in Alice of wonders could live, he followed the road along the Sarin River. He reached a hill sheltered by huge mountains, and suddenly a heron flew over him. Considering it as a sign, he decided that this would be the banner of his medieval village. There, along with the small community that followed him, he built the fairytale town that bears his name.

The art of cheese
A utopian question swirls through my mind: How would a local traveler begin his acquaintance in the enigmatic village? Of course, he would start with its local cuisine. Switzerland, and especially Gruyeres, is known all over the world for its cheeses and fondue with cheese or chocolate jam. Wake up early in the morning, and around 10:00 am, the production of the traditional alpine cheese begins. Get on the bus to the village of Moleson-Sur-Gruyeres, a dazzling chalet on the outskirts of the Alps. See up close the production of the homonymous Gruyere cheese. Alternatively, visit “La Maison du Gruyere” in the village center. Tour alone with headphones in the factory-cheese areas and dine in the restaurant.

The imposing castle
The castle-fortress of the 11th century Chateau de Gruyeres on the threshold of Fribourg of the imposing Alps has been awake for centuries to protect the village. The imposing castle Palace was built between 1270 and 1282. It will take you centuries back with its intricate stained glass windows dating back to the Middle Ages. Admire the Cape of Charles bold of the Order Of The Golden Fleece. The decorations on the walls, Flemish tapestries of the 16th century, spoils from the Battle of Murten in 1476 will captivate you. Paintings by the great painter Jean Baptism Camille Corot (who stayed for some time), are a few of the wondrous works you will see. But the best thing is the view. The panoramic view from the castle will make you lose your mind. The wonder of nature in all its glory that generously offers its embrace to keep you forever tight within it.

Medieval village walk
The central medieval square is the diamond of the Alps. Beautiful imposing houses with huge fireplaces, cobbled streets, small hotels, and the town hall, will whet your appetite for endless walks. Small restaurants serve local recipes with Gruyeres cheese as the main ingredient and culinary dishes of perfection of the Benichon tradition. In the area of Fribourg, you hold cooking festivals with cow meat, wine, and dancing. I recommend “La Fleur de Lys” hotel-restaurant to dine in, you will be amazed by the flavors. Visit chocolate makers to taste fondue along with chocolate fountains. Do not forget, you are in the House of the Fondue Academy, you can visit it while you are in the village and learn all the secrets of its preparation. Chocolaterie de Gruyeres Sarl will amaze you with its thousands of different white and dark chocolate recipes and make you wanna come again.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - C-Suite Travel - Gruyeres In Switzerland: The Perfect Winter Destination
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