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Why Your Business Should Care About SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO)

Customers are increasingly buying products on the Internet or researching businesses online before buying. According to a Pew Research study, about 80 percent of Americans say they shop online. E-retail sales globally surpassed $5.2 trillion in 2021, and forecasters say that one-quarter of sales globally will be made online by 2026.

Even those who don’t buy things online will use the Internet to research companies before making an in-store purchase. Indeed, more than half of all consumers always do so.

SEO improves visibility and traffic

Search engine optimization (SEO) is becoming ever more critical in this increasingly online world. Search engine optimization makes your website more easily visible so that when the user searches for your product or service, your business will appear near the top of the results.

SEO organically moves your site higher in the rankings without you needing to buy a pay-per-click ad. Being high in the rankings dramatically improves your website traffic. More than 28 percent of people click on the first organic result. About 15 percent click on the second result, and 11 percent click on the third. Click-through rates decline further from there.

SEO also provides other benefits to your business.

SEO improves your content marketing strategy

Content marketing helps you build trust with potential customers. It improves customer loyalty because customers will continue to return to your website if they find the content helpful.

Without SEO, however, many customers will never see your content. I’ve seen many customers spend time and money on producing content that ignores SEO. As a result, these customers fail to see the loyalty gains they hoped for. SEO is critical to enabling the target audience to find the content. Optimizing for keywords, writing high-quality content, and regularly updating the content are good SEO practices.

SEO gives you a competitive advantage

An SEO strategy can help you stay ahead of your competitors. More than one-third of small businesses have an SEO strategy. If you have three competitors, then the odds are one of them is already SEO-savvy. With the Internet becoming increasingly important in building your brand and increasing sales, you want to use any available tool to get customers to notice and trust you.

You’ll rank higher in local searches

Local searches such as “mechanics near me” are popular with Internet users, especially mobile users. Local SEO strategies help improve your ranking, making you more visible to potential local customers.

The time spent on SEO improves the user experience

Improved visibility, better customer loyalty, and ranking higher than your competitor in search engine results are significant benefits of SEO. However, SEO investments have additional benefits. Many of the same actions you’ll take to improve your search engine rankings also help improve the user experience.

For example, most search engine ranking algorithms favor web pages that load quickly. Customers also like fast-loading sites. Indeed, they will leave if your page takes too long to load. So, when you speed up your site’s loading to improve your SEO, you’ll also make customers happier. Higher quality content also enhances the customer user experience and search engine rankings.

SEO can help you control your brand message

Every brand’s goal is for customers and the media to write only positive things about them. However, a brand occasionally receives a bad review or bad press on the Internet. While you won’t be able to remove the negative information, you can ensure no one will find it. Using SEO strategies, you can craft positive content that will rank high in the search engine rankings, forcing the harmful content to the second or third pages of the listings.

Written by Darren Dunner.
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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - CEO Insider - Why Your Business Should Care About SEO
Darren Dunner
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