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Why Baix &Co. Is Just the Sort of Fresh Take on F&B Operations Restaurant Owners Are Looking For.

Peter Baics

In the world of F&B, nothing replaces experience. Baix & Co., an independent restaurant and F&B operations consultancy, collaborates with businesses to deliver highly personalized, authentic food experiences. From managing operations to crafting a next-level strategy for restaurant owners. Peter Baics, Founder of the UK-registered operation, uses his two decades of knowledge and expertise to help restaurant owners not only deliver great food but realize their dreams. Here’s how.

What organizational values did you develop over your 20+ years of experience that have carried over into your role as Founder of Baix & Co.?

Peter Baics: One of the most important values to me as a person and a professional is integrity. With this simple but rare value, we at Baix & Co. define our relationship with our clients and our products by the impact reflects on the results. Equally important are trust, loyalty, accountability, and value-centric engagement. I have carried over my innovatory thinking and experience to create a culture of agility for every new challenge. 

We don’t categorize our clients as B2B or B2C, even though our services have a positive impact on both segments. Rather, we embrace a person-to-person perspective where people, not organizations, make all the business decisions. Once we understand our client’s intentions and what they want to achieve, only then can we represent their vision with integrity and faith in the project. 

Walk us through the Baix & Co. process. How do you work with restaurant owners and operators to maximize profitability?

Peter Baics: Profitability is vital for any business. Our focus, however, is not solely based on how to make profit. We use our expertise to help them translate their vision into a profitable reality where guests have the type of dining experience the owners imagine, and beyond.  In the restaurant business, a strict focusing on profitability is never a winning strategy. The focus must be on the guest experience and value for money with a smart and economical operating strategy. If we win their guests over by providing the desired experience, profitability will never be a question. 

What role do technological advancements play in these processes? 

Peter Baics: Certain levels of technology are necessary for building efficiency and enhancing guest experiences for all restaurant and F&B operations. For some concepts, advanced technology is essential, depending on the scale of the operation, target market, location, or environmental consciousness. The right technology can save time, cost, embedded labor, reduce food waste, create speedy service, form the right ambience, or drive a creative menu.

Moreover, investing in the relevant technology for the concept can and will significantly support the success of your concept, if applied and used correctly. We at Baix & Co. aim to select the right technology the industry can offer and tailor it to our client’s needs. On the same note, we believe that technology is only a means of support; it can never replace the power of the personal touch, instinct, or intuition in the service industry. 

Why Baix & Co.? 

Peter Baics: This is a funny story. I left my home country, Hungary, at an early age, I worked to build my career for more than two decades in various parts of the world – primarily English-speaking environments. My family name, Baics, was always difficult to pronounce for everyone around me. I was often called Basics, Baic, Bais, Bias and everything similar, but mostly Baix. When the idea of the consultancy started to materialize, I had to come up with a name for the company, something represents me and relevant to my person. One of the first ideas was Baix, and it never changed. 

The “&Co. “part was chosen based on my unique business model and specific approach to treating and including my clients, my team of partnering businesses, freelancers, and other industry professionals – all with the aim of achieving success. Everyone who works with Baix, belongs to the Co. which stands for company, not the corporation. We are not just business partners or clients, we are part owners of our own company, like an exclusive club.  If you decide to work with us and we successfully complete a project or a development together, you, by default, forever become part of our growing club.

Aside from overseeing and simplifying operational practices for your clients, what other aspects of your role do you find most fulfilling?

Peter Baics: The most fulfilling part of my work is when I get the opportunity to add real value to the business or organization, through maximum guest satisfaction. It is truly energizing when the client and my team see eye-to-eye from the beginning. Sharing the same vision from the first informal discussion about the project is really important. 

The planning phase is also very exciting and brings out the creative thinking of everyone at the table. The logistics and the execution part of the “mission” is motivating and inspiring. It’s a highly satisfying and somewhat addictive feeling to see a vision become reality. But the most fulfilling, and rewarding part is when we complete our project because the guests just keep coming and returning for more.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - Tech and Innovation - Why Baix &Co. Is Just the Sort of Fresh Take on F&B Operations Restaurant Owners Are Looking For.
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