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CEO Spotlight: Kilo Health CEO Tadas Burgaila: Embracing Chaos Is The Key to Success

Tadas Burgaila

Every aspiring entrepreneur dreams of getting their startup off the ground and is eager to do what needs to be done to make this dream a reality. Unfortunately, no matter how much work they have put beforehand into research and planning, they often find themselves struggling with the chaos that they could never be prepared for.

While all CEOs and Founders will agree on the existence of this chaos and the fact that it needs to be dealt with. However, if asked, most would struggle to come up with a concrete answer on how to do so. Kilo Health Co-Founder and CEO Tadas Burgaila is not like other CEOs as he will always give a straight answer: You should embrace chaos.

If this sounds like a strange approach, it is because it is. CEOs are often told that they need to manage every little detail as much as possible to leave nothing to chance or in other words, a “control freak”. Tadas, on the other hand, believes that being a CEO is all about taking risks and allowing things to happen naturally. 

“The key is to let mistakes occur naturally and as often as possible,” Tadas says. “If you are also quick to solve them as quickly as possible while allowing yourself and your team to discover new opportunities from them.”

Over the 9 years that have passed since the founding of Kilo Health was founded under the name Kilo Grupe, Tadas’ approach in this regard hasn’t changed. However, this is not the case for the Lithuanian company that started by offering meal and sports plans locally. Today, Kilo Health is not only one of the leading digital health and wellness in the world but also a company that helps other businesses succeed.

With over 700 talents, more than 15 products in its portfolio, and 4 million customers worldwide, Kilo Health is offering services and products that range from professional haircare to non-invasive vagus nerve stimulation. While many of these products are developed in house, many others are part of the company’s years of investment in health tech startups. 

Tadas is certain that this is only possible due to the way he and his teams have been able to surpass the initial fear that comes with chaos, eventually embracing and using it in their favor. 

According to the Financial Times and Deloitte, Kilo Health was the second fastest-growing company in Europe in 2021 with a 450% revenue CAGR and a 17,710% growth rate. The Silicon Review also recognized Kilo Health as one of the 30 most reputable companies in 2022. 

The fact that Kilo Health was also recognized by MeetFrank as the most popular employer in Lithuania back in early 2022 is also telling. Tadas’ efforts into making the workplace a space where creativity and innovation are more important than avoiding mistakes has resulted in an attractive company culture for prospective and current employees… While intimidating at first, as per Tadas’ own words.

So, what is Tadas’ role if chaos is the law of the land at Kilo Health? As CEO, Tadas has made it his role to create the big picture by making sure that new ideas are considered, finding the right people for the company’s work culture, and making the ultimate decision when it comes to business strategy. In other words, channeling chaos in a positive direction and providing its team with purpose, as well as space.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - CEO Spotlight - CEO Spotlight: Kilo Health CEO Tadas Burgaila: Embracing Chaos Is The Key to Success
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