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Why Company Culture Is The Number 1 Thing You Have To Focus on in 2023, According to CEO Nikki Corson

Nikki Corson

One thing often repeated by CEOs, founders and entrepreneurs is that it’s the people that make your business. Most anyone can produce a useful service or awesome product, but do you have the team in place that believes in your mission? Do you have the marketing team with the vision? The production staff that believes in you enough to put in overtime during the holidays?

When you’re looking to scale, it’s all about having the staff that believes in the company. And how do you get there? It’s all down to company culture, according to Prissy Nikki CEO Nikki Corson.

The glamorous lash company leader knew she wanted to found a business that would empower women to embrace their inner fierceness and beauty. Despite Prissy Nikki’s shiny new name in the beauty industry, Corson is no newbie to the business world. She holds another role as President of Roofcrafters, a multi-million-dollar roofing contracting firm that she’s run for over a decade.

With all those years in business, she’s certainly learned a few things about company culture and how to treat employees well and encourage them to embrace that culture.

Because of her expertise, she’s often sought out by founders for advice, who approach her in person or listen to her info-packed podcast, Life Amplified with Nikki, where she tackles a range of topics that appeal to working women.

The beauty company founder began planning out her company culture long before she opened her doors. She knew that it was key to attracting — and keeping — the right talent that would help her reach the summits she wanted to conquer.

What is Company Culture?

To begin with, we need to define and delve into company culture and why it’s so crucial to the future of your company.

While it’s also sometimes referred to as ‘organizational culture’ or ‘corporate culture,’ all three terms refer to the same thing. And it’s not the easiest thing to define. It can differ lots from industry to industry and even from company to company.

Corson broke it down for us in the way she likes to think of it. “It’s a vision matched with values. It’s an ideal plan for how you want to do business and interact with others. What it leads to are shared — and mutually agreed upon — behaviors that lead to rewarding professional experiences by a group of people with shared goals,” she said.

Below, she shares her three best pieces of advice to help entrepreneurs focus on building, fixing, and maintaining their company culture in 2023.

Be Present, Engage, and Care

Corson says that, in order to create a strong company culture, “Leaders need to be present with their employees, notice how people interact, engage with them, and truly care that they enjoy working for you.”

One thing she has learned over the years is the difference between a boss and a leader. One main differentiator is that a boss rarely cares if people enjoy working for them, only that they do their job.

“Some people with a big title, like CEO, President, or Founder, might be a boss and yell orders all day. They might be good at their job, but they never lead employees to do their best work,” said Corson. “There’s so much difference between bosses and leaders. To be successful, you really need to be a leader.”

Be A Role Model To Your Team

Corson is well aware that company culture starts at the top and trickles down. And that employees look to their leaders to see if they are following the company culture.

“They must buy into the company culture and feel aligned with it in order for it to grow,” said Corson. A core value of Prissy Nikki is constant self-improvement — but she knows that if she doesn’t do it, how can she expect it from her employees? Being a leader means becoming a role model — and the image of the company culture.

“Among the best moments in my life are when women come up to me to tell me that I inspired them and made them realize that they need to make some changes in their own lives. It means the world to me to hear that. I feel like I’m doing my job,” she shared.

Live by Your Values

“No matter what your values are, you have to live by them each day,” she said. “It has to start with you. You can’t expect employees to embrace a cultural mindset if you don’t appear to live by it.”

Among the main reasons she is constantly checking in on herself and working toward personal evolution is to be that kind of leader — the kind that people admire and that attracts like-minded people to her company and its values to make it even more dynamic.

As the CEO and Founder — but more importantly, leader — of Prissy Nikki, Corson embraces and grows her company’s culture daily and knows that it has been what helped her team commiserate on the bad days, celebrate on the good days, and always be in it together.

 About Nikki Corson

Nikki Corson is a powerhouse CEO of Prissy Nikki, who provides top-tier lashes to bring out your natural bold, and beautiful self. Nikki is a Women’s Entrepreneur VIP Award winner, a certified roofing contractor in three states, and is recognized as one of the Top 3 roofing contractors in Georgia. She is also the host of the popular podcast, Life Amplified with Nikki. For more information on getting high-quality lashes, please visit

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - CEO Spotlight - Why Company Culture Is The Number 1 Thing You Have To Focus on in 2023, According to CEO Nikki Corson
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