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Instilling Confidence in Teams: 3 Ways to Empower Individuals and Create Stronger Teams

Christina DiArcangelo

Confident individuals and teams who feel good about where they work, who they work with, and what they do, are one of many ingredients that supercharge a company culture that drives success. Do you wish your teams felt like they had the autonomy to make more decisions based on their own collaborative efforts to help push your organization further and faster? Do your team members feel safe, and supported?  All you may need to do is have a fresh look at your company culture from the perspective of the following three areas.

Instill a Zero-Tolerance Policy For Toxic Bullying

Demonstrate to your teams that you, as a Leader, have no tolerance for bullying in the workplace by developing a written policy discussing that there is zero tolerance for bullying, the meanings of bullying, and the penalties associated with the act of bullying.  

Once you have the policy established, you should then train and record the training with your various teams.  You want to ensure that there is an open door policy within your organization, and support teams and individuals so people feel safe, respected, and supported at all times.

Embrace Open, Judgement-Free Dialogues 

Through the policy training mentioned above, it is important to share with your teams that you want them to be able to come to you or other managers when they discover errors, or issues at work with clients, personnel, etc., without fear of retaliation.  The teams should also be able to openly share their findings in meetings without fear of bullying or retaliation. Many organizations have several laws that they must follow while operating the business, and while it is very important to follow them, when someone does not or something significant happens, team members should be able to discuss openly.

Consistent team meetings for moral support and leadership development mentoring should occur regularly with your team as well as weekly one-on-ones.  Through these meetings, you will show your teams that they are safe to share and are always supported.  

Offer Quarterly Mentoring Sessions

By developing a true mentoring program within your organization, you will help your teams feel more comfortable, and safe within the workplace.  It is critical to embrace everyone’s inner genius, and share their expertise throughout the organization. This enables individuals to learn from each other. By placing an emphasis on everyone’s strengths, we can help facilitate bridges and connections that lead to collaborations among team members, all while building a culture where bullying is less likely to occur. 

Creating a workplace environment that is a judgment-free zone, establishing a zero-tolerance policy for bullying, and working diligently with team members that might need more direction than others at certain times, is how we can foster innovation, creativity, and a boost in productivity within our organizations. When people feel like they belong, are valued, trusted, and respected, they will continue embrace this culture as their team grows and expands over time.

Written by Christina DiArcangelo.
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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - Business Transformation - Instilling Confidence in Teams: 3 Ways to Empower Individuals and Create Stronger Teams
Christina DiArcangelo
An entrepreneur and CEO with more than two decades of experience in the biotechnology, pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, and medical device industries, Christina DiArcangelo’s dedication to revolutionizing patient care is unprecedented. Through her roles as CEO, Spectral Analytics Precision Tele-Monitoring, Affinity Bio Partners, Board President and CEO of Affinity Patient Advocacy, Christina has been involved with revolutionary projects and global clinical studies that positively impact patients.

Christina was a participant and winner in Season 2 of the “Four Days to Save the World” TV Series that will be released on Earth Day 2022. As a clinical research pioneer, contracts negotiator, and business owner, she has utilized the tools at her disposal to champion patient care and provide best-in-class patient advocacy services. For Christina, patient care comes first.

Christina DiArcangelo is an opinion columnist for the CEOWORLD magazine. You can follow her on LinkedIn. For more information, visit the author’s website.