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The CEO’s Guide to Navigating Cell and Gene Therapy Manufacturing

Cell and gene therapies are potential cancer and genetic disease treatments, but inventors encounter obstacles. Long-term partnerships with CDMOs may help life science businesses provide life-changing therapies to patients.

Gene treatments include injecting a healthy form of a disease-causing gene into patient cells. Human cells are transplanted for cell and tissue repair in cell treatments. Cell treatments involve stem and immune cells. The technique can cure cancer, autoimmune, viral, neurological, and spinal cord problems.

Both cell and gene treatments are biological achievements, yet both have obstacles—high manufacturing expenses. Supply chains, transportation, and industrial schedules may be logistical challenges.

Global Supply Chain

Global supply chains may further complicate production since coordination and scheduling between suppliers, and manufacturers can be challenging. Long-term partnerships with CDMOs may help cell and gene therapy businesses handle manufacturing problems.

Such collaborations may boost speed, reliability, and repeatability by centralizing cell and gene therapy development and production. Long-term CDMO collaborations save money.

As an organization’s CEO, you must ensure that you utilize gene therapy CDMO in the most efficient manner. This is where you need to consider the technological advancement made in this field.

Technological advancement

Technological advancement

Cell or gene therapy production is mostly manual. Manufacturers must avoid cross-contamination while processing samples from various patients. These variables complicate manufacturing process coordination.

Autologous cell treatments like CAR-T, which employ a patient’s own cells instead of a donor’s, are in great demand: researchers must be able to treat huge patient populations following first encouraging findings in leukemia and lymphoma.


Once created, a cell or gene therapy must acquire regulatory approval, which is difficult. Cell and gene treatments are challenging since they affect complete live cells. Despite being generated from live tissue, biologics have a single active molecule. Cell and gene therapy producers must examine whether their product needs growth serums.

Cell treatment might rely on many cell lines. Some tumor-infiltrating lymphocytes may produce growth factors from beta cells. Cell and gene therapy manufacturers must consider serum and growth factor-secreting cell variations.

Viral innovation

AAVs are employed in gene therapy to transfer a gene to a patient’s cell. AAV-based gene treatments are also being explored for systemic and large-patient-population illnesses. These advancements need scalable AAV production. High costs and difficulty of scalability restrict AAV production, despite its reliability.

WuXi Advanced Therapies improves AAV production using AAVEXTM transient and TESSATM. Transiently transfecting three AAV plasmids into HEK293 cells produces AAV. These cells operate as small factories, manufacturing AAV particles for gene transfer. WuXi Advanced Therapies’ technique is genetically modified to boost AAV output and infectivity.

TESSATM is stable in AAV-producing cells, unlike transitory systems. TESSATM does not use transient plasmid transfection and produces more equally infected cells. TESSATM may manufacture 30 to 40 times more AAVs than transient, plasmid-based methods.

Long-term alliances

Life science firms generating cell and gene treatments may benefit from partnering with CDMOs. Long-term CDMO collaborations may simplify production. WuXi Advanced Therapies offers cutting-edge technologies and long-term collaborations for cell and gene therapy production. These services exceed a typical CDMO’s.

Looking ahead at the future

Long-term cooperation with a CTDMO may lead to advancements beyond a particular project. Cell and gene treatments have advanced in recent decades, with more worldwide clinical trials. With a CTDMO partner, as a CEO, you may see more lifesaving improvements.

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