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Importance of Auditing Comm Efforts with Ronn Torossian

Ronn Torossian

Efficient communication is necessary for a company to attain its goals. As Ronn Torossian puts it, every company is conscious of the quality of its communication efforts toward reaching these desired objectives. Therefore, it becomes necessary for these companies to find ways to gauge the level and value of the information they put out there.

A communications audit makes that review possible by helping companies evaluate their communications efforts from a clearer lens and use the outcome to make the appropriate changes. It is also an easy-to-use tool that takes advantage of feedback and other useful information a company can get.

Why is Communications Auditing Important?

Ronn Torossian explains the several entities that companies typically communicate with, including other companies, target audiences, media outlets, and the general public. Typically, they will communicate with these bodies in various ways; thus, they must choose the most appropriate mode of communication.

Here are some reasons companies need to conduct a communications audit.

  1. To Figure out If Communication Efforts Are Effective
    A communications audit depends on communication efforts as it directs the analysis to a specific group- the target audience, other businesses, media outlets, or the public. This means the company must select a specific communication mode to analyze before an audit. For example, a company must choose whether they want to analyze their communication efforts with their target audience or with media outlets. Once they have selected the entity, they can effectively examine the efforts for that specific group.

    For instance, a company may choose to assess the social media content they create for their audience’s consumption and the print material that ends up in the hands of the same group. The two might lead the company to an unintended issue, thus creating the chance for the company to make necessary changes.

  2. To Determine the Company’s Communications Strengths and Weaknesses
    An audit helps a company identify the strengths in its communication efforts, giving them a chance to leverage that. It also helps them spot their shortcomings to make all the necessary changes to achieve their goals.
  3. To Build Trust Between the Company and Stakeholders
    Companies understand the importance of internal and external stakeholders to the success of their business. With that in mind, it is imperative for companies to ensure that their various communications efforts are ideal, thus the importance of a communications audit.

Basic Steps in Conducting a Communications Audit

In a nutshell, here is a summary of the communications audit process:

  • Define a reason for the communications audit- having a reason gives the company direction on what to look for and what to do during the audit. There could be several reasons, such as learning more about the existing communications efforts or formulating new communications strategies.
  • Conduct the audit- the outcome should help the company find proof for claims about the brand and whether they align with the internal and external perception of the brand from different entities.

These two critical steps help the company determine whether communications efforts are and aren’t working for the business. In the end, it improves communications efforts for efficient communication, thus, the business’s success. Every company wishing to achieve its full potential must consider reviewing its communication efforts through a communications audit.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - Tech and Innovation - Importance of Auditing Comm Efforts with Ronn Torossian
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