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SMAC QR Code Transforming the way companies are doing business.

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Technology is evolving at a rapid pace, transforming the way. It is, therefore, imperative for industries and businesses to stay current with emerging technologies that are relevant to processes, production, real-time data and analytics, and the creation of added value, through a seamless customer experience.

Businesses must ride the wave of new technologies like the SMAC QR code platform, bound to replace traditional product barcodes. SMAC promises to provide businesses the ability to stay more connected, offers consumers traceability and transparency throughout the product supply chain, and to actively engage consumers with a coordinated and intelligent approach to targeted product offers and marketing capabilities.

While barcodes have served their purpose well for decades, they don’t provide brands with the capability to actively engage consumers. With the easy availability of smartphones and internet connectivity, technology pioneers, Pervoje LLC (USA) in partnership with MCS Microsystems (Malaysia), has created the SMAC Platform, a highly secure QR Code-based Digital Product ID Platform. Because of the increase in popularity of QR Code utilization for marketing purposes, QR Codes have garnered much attention and their own share of misuse (QR Code phishing aka QRshing). SMAC, a blockchain-based platform utilizes blockchain hashing and encryption and provides an anti-copy / anti-counterfeit QR Code accompanied with both, Digital and Physical security. 

The experience for a SMAC user, whether manufacturer, retailer, supplier, or end customer, is automatically tailored to the person scanning the QR Code according to his/her role, access level, date & time, and location. Besides track and trace capability, another significant ability of this disruptive SMAC platform is its focus on customer engagement. Suppliers, Distributors, and/or Retailers can continue the customer engagement after the product is sold.  Because of the SMAC secured Digital ID and roles-based access, when a customer scans the SMAC QR Code, they can unlock rewards, specials, games or even product information with regards to materials, authenticity, product recalls, etc.

Thanks to the higher capacity to store information on a SMAC QR Code, a consumer, for instance, who buys an avocado can access a “how to make a guacamole” recipe, a lost opportunity for products with just a barcode.  Recipes and nutritional information can be included. In fact, it empowers the consumer purchasing decision by allowing them to identify the precise date of when the avocado was harvested and even the location of the farm or whether there is a recall for the purchased item. 

New technology is creating seamless purchasing experiences for customers today. A number of popular brands and industry associations in different countries are already working with the SMAC team to help them scale their marketing efforts, promote user safety, and disburse end-to-end encrypted campaigns while also delivering high success rates. 

Businesses cannot ignore the inescapable shifting digital world. Industries around the world must be at the forefront of any change that provides economic sustainability and productivity to their businesses through added value solutions. More importantly, the opportunity to strengthen the development of meaningful relationships with consumers while actively engaging them and the ability to a better understanding of consumer preferences. This new technology is here to tap the potential into opportunities and to impact the way industries do business. The time for change is today. The question is not if the barcode is going to be displaced, but when.

Written by Dr. Rudy Cardona.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - CEO Agenda - SMAC QR Code Transforming the way companies are doing business.
Dr. Rudy Cardona
Dr. Rudy Cardona currently leads the MBA, Keiser University, Melbourne, FL. He is the CEO and founder of Dr. Cardona does research in Business Administration, Consumer Economics and Marketing. His most recent publication is 'Assessing the Effect of Personal Cultural Orientation on Brand Equity and Revisit Intention: Exploring Destination Branding in Latin America'.

Dr. Rudy Cardona is an opinion columnist for the CEOWORLD magazine. You can follow him on LinkedIn. For more information, visit the author’s website.