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Can a Better UX Change the E-Commerce Landscape? DataMilk CEO Peter Szalontay Believes So

Peter Szalontay

For CEO Peter Szalontay, founding DataMilk was a hard-won victory — but he wouldn’t have it any other way. Today, his company offers the industry’s quickest and easiest enterprise e-commerce UX optimization and receives the highest praise from legions of thankful clients.

“Company leaders are always aware of revenue and results. And I’ve always tended to focus on speed to achieve results. What they love about DataMilk is that we get them where they want to be in an hour versus a monthslong process,” said Szalontay.

Eastern Europe to Silicon Valley

Growing up in Hungary’s capital of Budapest, Szalontay didn’t know what or where Silicon Valley was and certainly had no goal to make the tech center his home base.

If he had, he might have been discouraged since opportunities for Eastern European students to become US entrepreneurs were few and far between in those days. But thankfully, the path that landed him in California unfolded organically. Naturally gifted in math, he was accepted at UCLA to study the subject and was amazed to find that he excelled far beyond his classmates.

On his own and far from home, the diligent student had to earn the respect of teachers and mentors, who became like a de facto family to him. After graduation, he took a job at a startup that assisted immigrants get acclimated to life in the US by using an app. At the same time, he was making regular payments to the government to keep the green card that let him stay in the US, a place he had grown to love.

With HR professionals noticing his talent, he soon moved on to a prestigious position with Google as a search team product manager and excelled again. After a few months, he was handpicked to build a 1,000-person team to test automated creative ads.

Cherry-picking the best tech talent from three continents, he delivered $100M in new business in six months. Never one to sit back on his laurels, Szalontay led his team through complete automation of Google ad copywriting.

What he did at Google over the next four years became the basis for Responsive Search Ads, the multi-billion dollar project that remains Google’s main advertising product.

Changing the Face of UX

When founding DataMilk, Szalontay again got to build his dream team from global tech talent. “My goal is to surround myself with people so smart that they make me uncomfortable and take us on a joyful journey and create financial prosperity for everyone involved — our customers, team, and investors,” he said.

The company uses smart AI UX automation to produce — in one hour — what would have formerly taken months of tedious AB testing to deliver. Due to this incredible time- and money-savings, DataMilk can help clients make profit ten times faster with almost no effort.

“In this new age of AI, e-commerce brands shouldn’t need to employ Google-level expensive engineers to build high-quality UX that maximizes profit,” Szalontay said.

The team at DataMilk provides the fastest possible solution to improve the UX for the world’s largest e-commerce companies, the ones whose bold-faced names we regularly see on the stock exchange.

Working primarily with mid-market and enterprise e-commerce companies, DataMilk offers something that no other tech company does. And they keep their competitive edge with no-code integration that can be up and running in five minutes.

No longer do UX improvements require months of data collecting, design work, and engineering feats work; DataMilk lets e-commerce companies improve profits by 6-12%. Instead, smart components are plugged into working e-commerce sites without needing pesky re-platforming or database integration. Instead, via a dashboard, the software immediately begins real-time measuring and communication.

The key to success is the data that DataMilk uses to build the AI models — attention data. Tracking every reaction of your customers’ to what they see at each moment, you will learn your customers’ needs and preferences (even before your user knows themselves) and deliver the most relevant experiences. In fact, the ecommerce industry is neglecting important data in regard to selling more efficiently.

Ecommerce is ignoring 90% of data their customers are generating: how long users linger over a product, swiping through the image carousel, and looking at available sizes or colors when scrolling through a product listing page. Instead, they are still relying on clicks only. For the level of experience, today’s users are getting on other popular platforms, this data is not enough.

Ecommerce stores no longer need to find ways to collect more private data to improve experience. Instead, they need to just listen to their clients when they interact with your store.

What these smart components mean for clients is sophisticated ranking and data engineering that can produce simultaneous results from thousands of A/B tests to optimize UX for AOV, CTR, and all revenue.

Get in touch with the DataMilk team to experience integration demos and view firsthand the incredible growth and results created within its network.

About DataMilk: DataMilk is an automated UX optimization layer for enterprise e-commerce stores. 5 minutes of engineering work will increase your sales by 6–12%. DataMilk AI analyzes your user behavior patterns, identifies areas for optimization, and launches Smart Components that maximize the profit for every session. For more information on how to join and build the next generation of UX, please visit

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - CEO Spotlight - Can a Better UX Change the E-Commerce Landscape? DataMilk CEO Peter Szalontay Believes So
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