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How Nafsika Antypas Is Taking the World by Storm!

Nafsika Antypas

Antypas is a popular writer, host, and producer who’s known for launching the world’s first vegan TV series, Plant-Based by Nafsika. She’s a woman well-respected in her industry and in fact, someone that a lot of people look up to. Nafsika’s Garden makes it possible for the everyday person to eat healthier and more compassionately.

Plant-Based by Nafsika was a successful project by her but it’s just one of many. The Canadian entrepreneur plays a key role in the vegan industry, not just with her TV show, but also by founding her own food brand, publishing books, and making veganism more accessible in every way possible.

Founder Of Nafsika Inc.

A company that takes a comprehensive approach to focusing on the wellbeing of its clients, Nafsika Inc. offers everything a vegan or plant-based individual could need. Not just that, even if you aren’t hardcore plant-based, the brand is an accepting place for everyone who simply just wants a healthier lifestyle.

In 2017, Nafsika even became a certified Health and Lifestyle Coach, furthering her mission of educating everyone to adopt a healthier, more sustainable, and compassionate lifestyle and fighting the stigma and stereotypes people often hold in regards to veganism.

Nafsika’s Garden

Now, while Plant-Based by Nafsika was the show that brought her into the mainstream, it’s not easy to stay there. But with her food brand, Nafsika’s Garden, Antypas has taken that influence one step further and significantly and innovatively contributed to the vegan industry. With her dairy-free cheese products, yoghurts, and spreads priced affordably, Nafsika’s Garden makes it possible for individuals to not even have to think about how much their spending on being healthy. And with the product line already expanding to offering vegan meats and other dairy-free options, there’s no doubt that Antypas’ brand is soon going to be one of the leading.

The Plant-Based Switch Course 

And just when you think that the process can’t get any easier, it does. Nafsika’s also launched The Plant-Based Switch Course that is six weeks long and makes the transition to a healthier lifestyle even more effortless. With weekly guides, no one in the program is left feeling overwhelmed trying to figure out how to carry out this huge transition in a way that’s sustainable and not just another diet that you’re going to quit in a couple of weeks.

If you prefer to cozy up to a good book, you can go ahead and read her book of the same name, The Plant-Based Switch, which will be available in stores later this year. Or if you love reading fiction, Antypas has also written two other novels, which will be released soon as well called, Ghosted MD and Extraordinary.

Nafsika Antypas is truly an entrepreneur who’s done it right. She’s conquered the vegan industry and is one of the most innovative businesswomen out there. And now she’s coming out with a new TV series that she’s producing. For more details, you can stay up to date by visiting

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - CEO Spotlight - How Nafsika Antypas Is Taking the World by Storm!
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