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Top 3 Mindset Habits for CEOs, Founders, and Executives by Mindset Expert and Coach Jeff Meyer

Jeff Meyer

Former NCAA men’s basketball coach Jeff Meyer founded Alpha Flow Executive to help the nation’s top amateur and pro athletes — along with fellow founders, entrepreneurs, and C-suite executives — reach a ‘flow state.’ This can also be described as the ultimate balance that leads to progress, motivation, accomplishment, and feeling unstoppable.

Meyer worked with athletes for over three decades in positions at Colorado State University, the University of Northern Colorado, and a handful of high schools with high-ranking sports programs.

The student and professional athletes he worked with said the same thing about him: that he was more than a sports coach, but someone that left a lasting impression on them and taught lessons that were as useful off the field as on.

“My students have contacted me, even years later, to tell me that they had applied what I taught them on the sports field in the business world. And those lessons had been priceless to them and integral to their success,” Meyer said.

Over the years, Meyer isolated the puzzle pieces that helped his athletes get into a flow state — years before it had a name. Then, he realized that he could develop his lessons into a signature performance coaching course designed to help anyone looking to benefit from the incredible state of flow.

Today, Meyer holds a social psychological kinesiology degree and a master’s in pedagogy. Considered a brain health authority, he helps clients gain laser-sharp focus, reach their life and career goals, and increase their productivity threefold while eradicating scarcity mindsets, abolishing self-sabotage, and enabling mental health and mindfulness.

Here are his top three tips for executives looking to get into their own flow state and improve their mindsets. 

  1. Always Be Accountable
    A great leader never shifts blame or responsibility. Instead, they take the lead and the fall if they — or a member of their trusted team — make a misstep. Not only do they claim their failures in actions, words, and consequences, they examine what went wrong and figure out how to keep it from happening again. Some leaders blame others when there is a failure.  Jeff encourages a leader to take responsibility for failure, and celebrate a win as a team.

    “The advice involves using radical honesty and having an open dialogue with your core team and entire staff. Be open and vulnerable, listen more than you talk, and I guarantee you’ll learn much more than you anticipated,” said Meyer.

  2. Bold is Gold
    The idea of not rocking the boat is unheard of to executives with the best mindsets and flow states. They know that rocking the boat is what you should do — despite it being scary.

    True mindset leaders constantly change, try new things, launch new products, and take new approaches. Their mindset lets them know that, even if they fail in a smaller endeavor, they will learn and progress in their career journey.

    So, be bold. Take that leap into the unknown, take a chance, and it might be the best thing you ever did. After all, you’ll never know if you don’t try.

  3. Fortune Favors the Creative
    Just a few generations ago, we used to think of CEOs as rigid, the most determined and disciplined sort of business people. But the world has changed — and continues to change — at a fast rate.

    As an entrepreneur or executive, you’ll find that being creative will serve you best in today’s world and economy. For example, your competitor might launch the product you had scheduled for next year, a new tech development might render one of your departments redundant, and a looming recession might throw a wrench in your expansion plans.

Be better by being creative. Go with the flow and see where the waves take you. Don’t become dependent on a particular way of doing things or fear change — embrace new ways to improve and progress.

Think about it, what’s scarier, doing the same thing or trying something new? Something new, of course. But that makes us forward-thinking, radical, disruptive, and beneficial.

Throwing off your business balance and trying new things is one of the fastest ways to reach a flow state. After all, you’re not relying on auto-pilot to get through your day; you’re learning, adjusting, and getting stronger with each decision.

“When someone has reached an optimal state of flow, that is when they perform at their best. About 77% of our daily thoughts are self-defeating, so when we can find focus and clarity, understanding our thoughts, we can avoid going down the wrong paths,” explained Meyer.

No matter our professions, a flow state is where we should all aim to be, and great minds like Meyer can help us get there.

About Jeff Meyer

Jeff Meyer is a lifetime athletics coach whose career spans over 30 years. He has provided vision across numerous different sports, including with well-known amateur, collegiate, professional and Olympic athletes and both Fortune 500 and 100 executives. To learn more about Alpha Flow Executive, please visit

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