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Wealthiest People in Spain (August 16, 2022)

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As of August 16, 2022, Amancio Ortega was the wealthiest man in Spain, with an estimated net worth of 63.0 billion U.S. dollars, followed by Sandra Ortega Mera (No. 2, $6.2 billion), Rafael Del Pino (No. 3, $4.1 billion); and Juan Roig (No. 4, $3.5 billion).

Daniel Mate is the fifth-richest person in Spain, with a whopping $3.2 billion Miguel Fluxa Rossello. ranked 6th with a personal wealth of $3.1 billion, followed by Juan Abello with $2.7 billion. Alicia Koplowitz is placed 8th with a net worth of $2.6 billion. Maria Del Pino ($2.4 billion) occupied the 9th position among the top 10 wealthiest people in Spain.

  1. Amancio Ortega: $63.0 billion
  2. Sandra Ortega Mera: $6.2 billion
  3. Rafael Del Pino: $4.1 billion
  4. Juan Roig: $3.5 billion
  5. Daniel Mate: $3.2 billion
  6. Miguel Fluxa Rossello: $3.1 billion
  7. Juan Abello: $2.7 billion
  8. Alicia Koplowitz: $2.6 billion
  9. Maria Del Pino: $2.4 billion 
  10. Isak Andic & family: $2.2 billion
  11. Hortensia Herrero: $2.0 billion
  12. Sol Daurella: $1.9 billion
  13. Florentino Perez: $1.9 billion
  14. D.Leopoldo del pino: $1.8 billion
  15. Alberto palatchi: $1.6 billion
  16. Tomas Olivo Lopez: $1.5 billion
  17. Manuel Lao Hernandez: $1.4 billion
  18. Fernando Roig: $1.4 billion
  19. Carmen Thyssen: $1.3 billion 
  20. Alberto Cortina: $1.3 billion
  21. Alberto Alcocer: $1.2 billion
  22. Francisco Jose Riberas Mera: $1.2 billion

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