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Top 10 Most Popular Destinations For 2022 According To New Survey

ABTA has published a list of the most popular tourist destinations for 2022. Spain is at the top as according to the survey conducted by the company, 29% of respondents said they want to travel to Spanish resorts, which bring together more than 18 million British people each year. Spain was also at the top of the list in 2021.
The US holds second place on the list. In fact, 20% of the respondents said they plan to travel to the US this year, with New York and Florida being among the most popular destinations. The US climbed one spot on the list this year compared to 2021.
Three more European countries, France (18%), Italy (16%), and Greece (10%), complete the top five destinations for 2022. France holds 3rd place, Italy the 4th place, and Greece the 5th place on the 2022 list. France in 2022 fell one place compared to last year, while Italy and Greece retained on the list the places they had last year.
Portugal (9%) and Germany (8%) hold 6th and 7th place on the list, respectively, with the most popular destinations for 2022. Portugal and Germany were at the same positions on the list for 2021.
Two more destinations that have gained “ground” in the preferences of travelers are Australia and Canada, “winning” the 8th and 9th place on the list. Australia (5,1%) climbed two spots on the list this year compared to 2021. The country now holds 8th place on the list. Canada (4,5%) also climbed two spots on the list this year compared to 2021. The country now holds 9th place on the list.
Remarkable is the progress of Turkey (4%). The country has climbed two spots from the previous ranking, “winning” the 10th position on the list. Actually, the Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism has recently released official statistics on tourist arrivals in the country in 2021. More specifically, Russian citizens made 4,694,422 trips to Turkey, far more than any other country in the world. According to the same data published on January 31, 2022, foreign visitors made 24,712,266 trips to the country in 2021. This is 94.1% more than in 2020 but 45.15% less than before the pandemic in 2019. Russia is on the top in terms of the number of foreign arrivals in Turkey. In 2021, the authorities counted 4,694,422 visits of Russian citizens. This is 120.5% more than in 2020 but 33.1% less than the record of 2019. The share of Russians in the total flow of foreign tourists to Turkey has increased significantly in recent years – from 15.57% before the pandemic to 19% in 2021.
Regarding the course of tourism in the world, it seems that the evolution of inflation in advanced economies, which after April 2021 has become a major issue of economic policy worldwide, will be of great importance. In particular, the strengthening of inflation resulting in problems in the supply chain and, especially in the US, due to increased demand, is expected to lead the Central Banks to raise interest rates in order to address it. Due to the stronger inflationary pressures in the US, it is estimated that the Fed will raise interest rates to higher levels than the European Central Bank. In this case, the dollar is expected to strengthen against the euro, making travel and holidays in Europe more attractive.

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