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Top 10 Cheapest Cities In Europe To Go On A Date

If you want to go on a date without spending a fortune, there are some “wallet-friendly” cities. Which are they? In the following article and you will find more.

  1. Krakow
    Krakow in Poland is the cheapest city to go to on a date. A couple for dinner in a middle-class restaurant with a quite cheap bottle of wine, two cinema tickets and the cost of a taxi ride will need almost 55 euros. Not bad!
  2. Budapest
    A lot of people love Budapest in Hungary, not only for its beautiful surroundings but also for its low prices in everyday life. If you decide to go on a date with your loved one in Budapest, you will pay on average 60 euros.
  3. Prague
    The cost for dinner for two with cinema tickets and a taxi ride is a little bit more expensive in Prague, Czech Republic. Prague holds third place on the list with a total cost of about 66 euros for a date.
  4. Lisbon
    Next on the list (4th place) comes Lisbon, Portugal. A couple who wants to go out for dinner, watch a movie at the cinema and take a taxi for transportation will pay 67 euros.
  5. Las Palmas
    Las Palmas de Gran Canarias in Spain completes the top 5 cheapest European cities to go on a date. An evening out for a couple costs about 68 euros.
  6. Seville
    The 6th place on the list follows Seville in Spain. Couples in love can enjoy a delicious meal, a movie cinema, and a taxi ride in Seville for almost 70 euros. A more expensive choice than the alternatives above.
  7. Valencia
    Next follows the city of Valencia in Spain. The country joins the list with a total of three countries. Lisbon, Las Palmas de Gran Canarias and Valencia. Couples in love can enjoy a delicious meal, a movie cinema and a taxi ride in Valencia for a little bit more than 70 euros.
  8. Thessaloniki – Athens
    Also, Greece joins the list with two cities. Which are these cities? Athens and Thessaloniki, of course. In Thessaloniki, a dinner for two, a two-ticket entrance at the cinema, and a taxi drive cost 73 euros. Thessaloniki holds 8th place. Next follows Athens. In Athens, the cost of a date for two is almost 79 euros. Athens holds 9th place on the list.
  9. Kingston 
    The city of Kingston upon Hull in the United Kingdom completes the top 10 cheapest cities in Europe to go on a date. The total cost of a date for two reaches almost 82 euros.
  10. Lausanne 
    On the other hand, the most expensive city for a date is Lausanne in Switzerland. The total cost for a meal at a restaurant, a night at the cinema and a taxi ride are about 196 euros. In general Switzerland and the Scandinavian countries are the most expensive concerning the cost of a restaurant meal for two and some kind of entertainment like buying tickets for a movie at the cinema. Comparing Lausanne with Krakow, the difference in price for a date for two is over 140 euros.
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