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Wealthiest People in Italy (August 4, 2022)

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As of August 4, 2022, Giovanni Ferrero was the wealthiest man in Italy, with an estimated net worth of 33.7 billion U.S. dollars, followed by Giorgio Armani (No. 2, $6.7 billion), Silvio Berlusconi (No. 3, $6.0 billion); and Massimiliana Landini Aleotti (No. 4, $5.1 billion).

Piero Ferrari is the fifth-richest person in Italy, with a whopping $4.6 billion. Patrizio Bertelli ranked 6th with a personal wealth of $4.5 billion, followed by Miuccia Prada with $4.5 billion. Sergio Stevanato is placed 8th with a net worth of $4.3 billion. Giuseppe Crippa  ($4.2 billion) occupied 9th position among Italy’s top 10 wealthiest people.

  1. Giovanni Ferrero : $33.7 billion
  2. Giorgio Armani: $6.7 billion
  3. Silvio Berlusconi & family: $6.0 billion
  4. Massimiliana Landini Aleotti & family: $5.1 billion 
  5. Piero Ferrari: $4.6 billion
  6. Patrizio Bertelli: $4.5 billion
  7. Miuccia Prada: $4.5 billion 
  8. Sergio Stevanato & family: $4.3 billion
  9. Giuseppe Crippa & family: $4.2 billion
  10. Luca Garavoglia: $3.9 billion 
  11. Augusto & Giorgio Perfetti: $3.9 billion
  12. Gustavo Denegri: $3.8 billion
  13. Giuseppe De’Longhi & family: $3.7 billion
  14. Paolo & Gianfelice Mario Rocca: $3.5 billion
  15. Francesco Gaetano Caltagirone: $3.3 billion
  16. Alessandra Garavoglia: $3.3 billion
  17. Susan Carol Holland: $3.1 billion
  18. Giuliana Benetton : $3.0 billion 
  19. Luciano Benetton: $3.0 billion 
  20. Renzo Rosso & family: $2.9 billion
  21. Remo Ruffini: $2.8 billion
  22. Isabella Seragnoli: $2.6 billion
  23. Brunello Cucinelli & family: $2.2 billion  
  24. Alberto Bombassei: $2.2 billion
  25. John Elkann: $2.1 billion

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - Stats Gate - Wealthiest People in Italy (August 4, 2022)
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