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The Most Expensive Range of Louis Vuitton Shoes

Louis Vuitton

Women’s fashion trends have changed astronomically with time. But the one thing that remains constant is the advent of newer modifications to fashion items. These alterations mainly contribute to the product’s luxury, enticing customers with refined style and unique designs.

However, the name Louis Vuitton stands out almost everywhere across the world when it comes to designer shoes. The brand is known for creating fashionable and expensive footwear, from boots to sneakers. Here is a list of some of the costliest Louis Vuitton shoes :

  1. Vienna Minimalisa High Boots
    Price : $4,500
    While the boots feature a minimal aesthetic on the outside, the very elegant Vienna Minimalisa High Boots are the most expensive women’s shoes by Louis Vuitton. The boots are priced at a whopping $4,500. The brand frist revealed their collection back in the year 2005-2006 along with the Fall/Winter clothing line. Made from the finest ostrich leather for extra softness and durability, the Vienna Minimilisa High Boots come with a 4 ½ inch-heel to give the opulent factor.
  2. Cosplay Low Boot
    Price : $3,199
    This incredibly good looking pair of Louis Vuitton shoes costs $3,199. The brand introduced it back in 2016 along with the Spring/Summer collection. The books are exceptionally pretty and are crafted from the rare python-leather with printed pixel motif. They come with the LV monogrammed flower-shaped high heel with a metal chain attached to match with the collection’s other leather items.
  3. Cosplay Low Boot (White&Black)
    Price : $2,650
    Louis Vuitton has an exclusive range of leather shoes, and this beauty holds a price tag that reads $2,650. The Cosplay Low Boots are crafted particularly from rare pale python leather which features an elegant pixel-motif. LV firat announced this pair of boots with the 2016 Spring/Summer collection. In addition, they feature an LV-monogrammed flower-shaped high heel and a shiny metal toe cap along with a sling at the back for comfort and support.
  4. Heritage High Boot
    Price : $1,743
    Marked at an exclusive rate of around $1,743, the Heritage High Boot is one of the most magnificent pair of high boots from the queen of luxury brands, Louis Vuitton. The pair has been made from the softest calf leather and designed in the lines of the classic riding boots. It also features a distinct LV logo following the popular Capucines bag design.\
  5. Skylight Ankle Boot
    Price : $1,690
    Classy, yet fashionable, the Louis Vuitton Skyline Ankle Boots are priced at $1,690. One of the most beautiful shoes made by the brand ever, the Skyline Ankle Boots are crafted from the most authentic and softest python leather for an immaculate and cozy fit. The elegant design on the top goes hand-in-hand with the graphic heel made from rare ruthenium which have the LV initials beautifully engraved in them.
  6. Skylight High Boot
    Price : $1,630
    The Skyline High Boots are priced accurately at around $1,630. This LV product is extremely flexible and stylishly-crafted high boots made from genuine suede baby-goat leather for the most comfortable fit. The upper part of the boots does not overdo the bling and has a plain design, which compliments the lower part featuring the LV-initials engraved in the vivid golden heel.
  7. Nightfall Flat Sandal
    Price : $1,500
    Luxury design brand Louis Vuitton presents one of its most exclusive shoes priced somewhere around $1,500. Inspired by Roman culture, these LV sandals are made with the finest calf leather and are embellished with the typical flat golden buttons in a row and engraved with the LV initials. They come with a back-zip that provides easy wearing and a comfortable feel.
  8. Valley Flat Ankle Boot
    Price : $1,455
    The Valley Flat Ankle Boots are not just graceful, but they’re also very systematically designed. Louis Vuitton tags them at a price of around $1,455. These boots are very versatile, and are made from the best glazed calf leather for the outer chic look along with the trademark LV-initialed on the golden buckles and plaques. Not only that, they come with a longevity factor because of the outer leather sole, which is covered in rubber for strength and comfort while walking.
  9. Highway Ankle Boot
    Price : $1,390
    Priced somewhere around $1,390, The Highway Ankle Boots by Louis Vuitton are extremely stylish and one-of-a-kind. These peep-toe ankle-length boots are made from the best suede baby-goat leather which goes best with pants and skirts as well. The stiletto high heel is designed with a unique half-leather and half-lacquer style.
  10. Overtown Ankle Boot
    Price : $1,325
    Last but clearly not the least, the Overtown Ankle Boots are priced at around $1,325. Part of one of the brand’s authentic collections, they portray class and sturdiness by contrasting it with an exquisite Rock n Roll touch. These boots feature a pointed toe and a stable square heel. They are made from genuine soft calf leather in a glazed finish. Louis Vuitton has monogrammed the canvas strap in the back loop for the exclusive look.

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