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The Three Rs of The Modern CEO

Suppose you ask Andrew P. Doro, Founder, and CEO of Millbrook Support Services (Millbrook), to explain the success he and his company have experienced in the past several years. In that case, he will likely smile at you, pause, and repeat his mantra: Reinvention, Relevancy, and Respect. 

According to Mr. Doro, these are the three pillars upon which his business exists.

  1. Reinvention
    “Each morning is a chance to do something new,” says Doro. While this newness can sometimes be frightening, Mr. Doro explains that you must be willing to reinvent yourself every few years. He says you must be willing to turn a page and, sometimes, close the entire novel and start fresh.Regarding his business, Mr. Doro saw the chance to reinvent himself by entering a tight and extremely competitive labor market. With considerable life experience, Andrew P. Doro started his own business focused on placing medical professionals in needed positions throughout the country.

    Andrew Doro never thought he would be part of the silver collar of professionals currently flooding the labor market with experience and intelligence. He never thought this because he does not see himself as part of a silver collar.

    Instead, Doro sees himself as a new version of the individual he’s been for decades: soldier, father, and husband. The CEO title may be new, but the mentality he brings to the position took seed long ago. It is this ability to recreate himself that leads him to state, with that disarming smile, “Age is a number. And that number represents opportunities. You can take the chance, reinvent yourself, and seize the opportunity… or you can grow through the years.”  Andrew P. Doro has chosen to seize the first series of possibilities.

  2. Relevancy
    “No one would dare to question the acumen of the sage of Omaha, Warren Buffett. At 91 years old, he shows up to work in his ten-year-old Cadillac, coming from the home he’s lived in since 1958. Most importantly, he’s making a difference every day in the investment world.”According to Mr. Doro, the key to this is relevancy. He says you can reinvent yourself as often as you wish, but if your actions are irrelevant, your reinventions are pointless. Regardless of politics, religion, sex, or ethnicity, Andrew Doro believes that relevancy is the primary factor in whether a CEO and the company they represent are successful. Once reinvention is complete, you must maintain relevance to be vibrant and successful in the labor world.

    The need to maintain relevance is a crucial factor Millbrook focuses on each day. Millbrook works tirelessly to place healthcare professionals in the best positions possible, offering services to the healthcare facilities, whether government agencies or commercial clients, with the best and brightest providers nationwide.

    Andrew Doro believes he and his company have found a needed niche in modern society. Healthcare facilities are desperate to fill both part-time and long-term positions. Mr. Doro and his exceptional team of Millbrook professionals are doing everything possible to “meet the needs of the institutions but also exceed their expectations.”

    The labor market has seen many changes, and so has Mr. Doro. “With each new evolution of the market,” says Doro, “there is a chance to do good and make a difference.” Andrew’s insistence that his company remain relevant in the expanding and exploding market has led to profit and positivity.

  3. Respect
    “This is the one that matters most,” says Mr. Doro. Taught to him at an early age, preached by him at every age, and expected from all his employees no matter their age, Andrew Doro believes that respect is the key to success in this world. Respect, he asserts, “must be shown to others, felt by others, and felt by each person on their own.”Mr. Doro further asserts that in a truly intense field, such as the one in which he and his company are currently engaged, “respect is what will keep Millbrook thriving.”

    Andy Doro believes that the respect he shows to others equals the respect he expects. “You cannot expect respect if you do not respect yourself and others,” says Doro. A lesson he credits to his experience in the military, Doro understands that “without respect, very little good is ever accomplished in this world.”

Doro finishes by restating his belief in the three Rs as the key to the modern CEO. Age, sex, race, religion, sexual orientation, politics, and philosophical beliefs will not make a person a success or failure. According to Doro, Reinvention, Relevancy, and Respect may not guarantee success, but they will go “a long way to helping someone get there.” They have certainly helped him.

Written by Andrew P. Doro.
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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - C-Suite Advisory - The Three Rs of The Modern CEO
Andrew P. Doro
Andrew P. Doro is the founder and CEO of Millbrook, a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) that supplies Physicians, Nurses, Advanced Practice Providers, and Allied Healthcare staffing services to government agencies and commercial clients nationwide.

Andrew P. Doro is an opinion columnist for the CEOWORLD magazine. Connect with him through LinkedIn. For more information, visit the author’s website.