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5 Hidden Villages Of Europe To Visit

Many times it is worth driving miles to go to a small but special place. Travel is the culture we form through our acquaintance with new places and new people. Europe offers you diverse landscapes, modern cities, and lovely villages hidden at the foot of mountain ranges or on the shores of lakes. Europe is full of places of breathtaking shocking charm. There is no better way to explore it than to visit its unknown diamonds. Forget for a while the tourist cities and discover their true beauties, hidden in the countryside. Today, we fly together from our bustling cities, and with a magic carpet, we find ourselves in some of the most exciting villages in the European countryside.

  1. Castle Combe, United Kingdom
    Castle Combe is often considered the country’s most fairytale village. It is located northwest of Wiltshire, near the town of Bath. It is 90 miles from London and can be reached by train from London St Pancreas or by car. Films such as The Wolf Man, and Spielberg’s War Horse, have been filmed here. Consider you are Oliver Twist for a while, fly from roof to roof, and somehow ecstatic as you are, you arrive at the Old Rectory Tea Room built in the 13th century. Enjoy British tea with homemade hot biscuits and savory dishes of English cuisine.

  2. Giethoorn, Netherlands
    What differentiates Giethoorn from other destinations and ranks it among the must-visit places once in your life is the fact that you will not encounter streets except canals. The only mode of transportation is by foot or by boats of all kinds, except those which use fuel. Houses with Reed roofs connected by wooden bridges and small cafes under the trees compose an idyllic setting. After a fiery dash to Van Gogh’s artistic capital, Amsterdam, it’s worth taking one day off and finding yourself in the humid Paradise. The train is only a couple of hours from Amsterdam, so you have no excuse to miss this place.

  3. Norcia, Italy
    Viva Italy, and of course, it is time to find ourselves in the Italian countryside. Away from the lights of the tourist guides that glorify megacities, a wonderful village near Perunzia is waiting to be discovered. Norcia is a medieval village of the era of the Roman Empire. Lovers of spicy wild boar salami should definitely pay a visit. The ripening of pecorino here lasts two years, while honey from red wildflowers will overwhelm your palate. Italy has many destinations more or less known to the traveler, but follow your heart, and you will definitely find yourself somewhere magical.

  4. Staufen im Breisgau, Germany
    Another unknown village in Europe waiting for you to meet is Staufen in the south of Germany. It is hidden on the edge of the Black Forest, and it is here to get us drunk with the best wines in the country. There are two legends wandering over the village air. According to the first legend, any traveler who falls into one of the long narrow canals of the village will marry a local. The second legend, based on the German tradition, says that the alchemist named Faust died there and sold his soul to the Devil. The colorful houses of the village, built in the 16th century, have lost their architectural stability. In short, they are full of cracks, but they are so beautifully damaged that it makes the landscape magical. Arriving at the gothic square, you will be amazed by the fountain and the countless wine bars. A mysterious village that myths motivate you to visit and see how much shine such a small place can hide.

  5. Myloi, Rethymno
    A good example of Greece’s ancient architecture could not be missing from the list. Its name is due to the approximately 30 watermills that existed throughout the gorge. The majority of the inhabitants were millers, and almost all the grain of the area and surrounding areas was ground in this particular village. The village was abandoned in 1972, but it is worth visiting for its nature and history. Green landscapes with thousands of plants, huge trees, small waterfalls, and springs will attract your attention. Remnants of the watermills as well as churches will fill your soul. This is an unknown village in Europe where only ruins are left, but its natural beauty will compensate you to the fullest.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - CEO Briefing - 5 Hidden Villages Of Europe To Visit
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