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Top 5 Must-See Towns In The World

Discovering the world is nothing but an amazing experience. Today, our mission into the exploration of the world’s beauty includes five small towns all over the globe that someone should seek to discover. Let’s see them in detail!

  1. Live the experience of Haciendas in Merida, Mexico
    Our epic journey through the world’s enchanting small towns starts with Merida in Mexico. Walk from Park to park for shopping, enchiladas, and sightseeing. Find yourself from the Main Plaza Grande to the parks of Santa Ana, Santa Lucia, and Santiago and find their Secret beauties. Casa Museo Montes Molina is another interesting building. This is a house where you will learn the whole history of the Montejos, the founders of the city. Basketball in the Mayan era under the rhythms of salsa is also a possibility. On Fridays, find yourself early in the morning in the main square to watch the Mayan Pok ta Pok game in ancient times. Players in traditional uniforms play a kind of game that resembles basketball. The losers in the Mayan era were sacrificed at the top of a pyramid. After the themed game is over, board the “colorful Carnivalito bus” and make the tour of the city under the sounds of the Spanish language.

  2. The Valley of wines in the French corner of South Africa, Franschhoek
    This is one of the oldest South African cities in Cape Winelands. The history of the city became particularly known in 1688 when French farmers came to live in the Valley to escape the religious persecution of France. They created farms, vineyards, and businesses with French brands, which survive to this day. The Huguenot Memorial Museum at the end of the town honors the memory of the city’s first settlers. Many adjectives of the inhabitants are of French origin. This special small town in the world is famous for its cuisine and fine wines. Galleries and antique shops flood the tree-filled streets, while thousands of vineyards outside the city cover its hills. If you find yourself there, it is worth cycling through nature and enjoying the views of the Berg River. The fresh air of the Valley combined with the cool breeze from the dam will refresh you physically and mentally. Take the tram to the picturesque Valley, and live the culinary experience of South African cuisine with the chef of leopard’s Leap. Take a tour of the historic Dutch Babylonstoren vineyard dating back to 1692 and dine with locals, and indulge in the unique travel experiences of South Africa.

  3. The hot springs in silk country, Hakone Japan
    If you decide to make your epic journey to the land of silk and Samurai, don’t forget to visit another small city in the world, Hakone. It is 90 minutes from the bustling Tokyo, the metropolis of Japan. It is especially known for its hot thermal springs and not only. It is also a good idea to buy the 2-3 day Hakone free pass, which gives you unlimited travel with local transport, free entrance to the open museum with its hundreds of exhibits by great artists such as Picasso, and discounts in restaurants and spas. Admire the dazzling Death Valley from 1044 meters in the crater of the Owakudani volcano on Hakone mountain. The area is known for its black eggs. Their color is due to the high temperatures of natural sources and metals. Legend has it that each egg gives seven years of extra life but on the condition that you can eat up to two. If you are lucky and there clear visibility, you will admire the legendary Fuji Mountain. Continue your excursion to this small town of the world with the pirate ship on Lake Ashi and admire the Red Gate of peace. At the end of the day, indulge in the healing properties of an onsen. These are hot springs that provide relaxation and well-being.

  4. The little diamond of France, Annecy
    Annecy could not be missing from the list of the most impressive towns in the world. You will find French elegance in other parts of France, far from the sold-out and bustling Paris. Annesi pleasantly surprises every tourist who visits it. The mountain peaks of the Alps, along with the beautiful lake, are the two idyllic elements of countless stories. The history of this small town in the world goes back to the 10th century. The princes of Savoy decided to establish the fairytale city on the homonymous lake that took its name. The areas are connected to each other by impressive canals such as Venice. While the lovely dwellings along the lake seem to have ”escaped” from a painting by Leonid Afremov.

  5. The Northern Lights in Banff, Canada
    Spooky enough, but the town of Banff, built within Canada’s First National Park of the same name, has to offer you irresistible experiences of natural perfection. The immense beauty of the landscape invites travelers to become one with nature. Embark on countless hikes through pristine forests, paddle in the turquoise lakes in the summer months, ski on the snowy slopes and countless long dips in the hot springs in the winter months, and watch the fantastic wildlife in the thousands of square miles of the National Park. If you visit the National Park from September to April, you will have the opportunity to enjoy the spectacle of the Northern Lights. The Whyte Museum, along with the enclosed gondolas in the south of the city, are some of what you’ll take along in your luggage. It is really strange how much beauty a traveler can find in a small town without having to visit a popular megalopolis.

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