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Top 5 Cool Neighborhoods In The World With Amazing Diversity

Cool neighborhoods in the world, areas with a more peculiar character and a more diverse identity that give a special air to each city, are things that everyone wants to see at some point in their lives. Today, we have the top 5 places in the world that can provide such an experience.

  1. Ambassadors of mandrel culture, Embajadores, Madrid, Spain
    The list of the five coolest neighborhoods in the world begins with the Queen of flamenco, Spain. If you find yourself in Madrid, you cannot miss a walk at “Embajadores.” The district is located on the boundaries of the medieval city between two districts, Lavapies and El Rastro. No other neighborhood in Madrid is as diverse and vibrant as this one. Lavapies’ cultural “low-income neighborhood” barriada and El Rastro’s historic flea market give a strong character to the area. By day The Plaza de Molina is filled with florists and perfumes in all the streets of the colorful neighborhood. At night crowds fill the Indian restaurants, and queues of people have fun in the night bars and clubs.

  2. The French cultural refinement of Strasbourg-Saint Denis “SSD,” Paris, France
    The famed Paris, as Audrey Hepburn says, is always the best idea; however, when it comes to choosing a neighborhood in Paris, never hesitate to pick Strasbourg-Saint Denis. Undoubtedly, SSD could not be missing from the list of the coolest neighborhoods in the world. This modern quarter is quite close to the popular Le Marais apartment with its iconic sightseeing houses. A mixture of India-Kurdistan immigrants, bohemian types, and young scions of aristocratic families meet here. The hottest restaurants, neighborhood fast-food restaurants, and bars with the cheapest drinks in all of Paris. The mythical Beer House with an art-nouveau style, Julien, the alternative-trendy cocktail bar Le Syndicat, and the unique Grand Amour hotel designed by graffiti artist Andre are only some of the must-sees.

  3. The gospel hymns at Bedford-Stuyvesant, New York, U.S.A
    Jessica Parker’s city of bustling New York is next. Bed-Stuy, as New Yorkers call it, is a neighborhood covered in its majestic history with green residential streets that are squeezed by life and a sense of social solidarity. The Victorian air from the brownstone blocks of the residences magnetizes every visitor. Bedford-Stuyvesant has the largest collection of Victorian buildings in the country. Around 8,800 buildings were built before 1900. The irresistible charm of the neighborhood goes back to the 1930s when the Cultural Center for the African-American population of Brooklyn was created. Bed-Stuy was the key hub for the “Black Lives Matter” black population protests. If you find yourself in this neighborhood, have fun at the Billie Holiday Theater, and taste the best fried chicken at the outdoor Peaches Hothouse with a view of the countless trees and Victorian buildings.

  4. The multicultural Portuguese magic of Arroios, Lisbon, Portugal
    The Portuguese air of the Mediterranean, along with the Atlantic, surely touche people’s souls. The multicultural Arroios was awarded by many travelers as the coolest neighborhood in the world. A neighborhood of contrasts home to over 100 nationalities is the largest district in central Lisbon. It is not a simple neighborhood but an entire planet in itself. With outdoor galleries, restaurants from all corners of the world, and young people dancing in the streets with Portuguese sounds, the neighborhood is a must-see. The flea market, 31 de Janeiro, with fresh food from Portuguese cuisine, is lovely. Here is the largest garden with the colorful Campo dos Martites basketball court. The oldest Lisbon library of St Lazarus can be found at Arroios. Finally, a palace that was built in 1863 has been operating as a bar-restaurant with unceasing cocktails and countless boozy dance nights, while below, you will find the smallest Lisbon bar with the name Vlada Lounge.

  5. The imposing cultural air of Kypseli, Athens, Greece
    Finally, just beyond Exarchia, Kypseli is one of the oldest neighborhoods of the Greek capital. A painting made of a puzzle of neoclassical, art deco, and post-war architecture. It hosts various nationalities that have created one of the largest multicultural centers in Athens. Recently, it became the home of the artistic community of actors, painters, and others. Fokionos Negri Avenue has turned into a crossroads of different worlds. Old people play dominoes while young people explore the bookstores and galleries of the area. Ethiopian restaurants pop up like mushrooms, next to traditional cafes. African hairdressers and Arab barbershops add the aroma of the East to the neighborhood. At the same time, there are majestic mansions of the first inhabitants of the region.

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