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How to Build a Leadership Team that Delivers Great Results

Michael Dattoli

Building a successful leadership team is about much more than finding people with the right skill set to fill a position. It’s about building a self-sustaining team that can function successfully so that you can remove yourself from the day-to-day of running the business. Exceptional executive teams do not just happen by accident. It takes hard work, time, and patience to grow your team from a group of workers into an effective and functional unit. 

As an entrepreneur with a budding business, assembling a team that is strong and capable is crucial if you want to become successful. Building this team should be your priority, and it will become one of your cardinal assets in the future. When embarking on this journey, remember these key ideas so you can hire the most ideal candidates and grow them into a dream team.

Build the Roles with Intention

When thinking about the type of people who you would want to fill the roles, you must consider the types of skills, behaviors, and experiences these positions require. Although you may not find people who fit the perfect requirements of a specific role, the collective team should have them all covered. You can also think about which capabilities you can develop from within the current team and which you still need to fill. 

Although you have your business established and looking to grow, it is the execution of your business plan that drives you to success. The more effectively your leadership team can turn ideas into reality, the more successful your business will be. Therefore, you want a team that is talented at executing your business plan. You want to hire people who have a good resume of creating the kind of results you want to grow your business. Seek out individuals who are experienced in the type of growth your company needs and are able to adapt and be resourceful as your business develops and changes. You should be selective about who you choose to join your team. Diversity is important, so look for people with varied experiences who have worked within different ecosystems. 

Communicate Your Goals

It is important that your team knows where your business is going and why. You need to set a standard for what success looks like and how progress will be measured over time as your company grows and develops. You should keep your goals and priorities concise. Have a few big ideas so they can be easily managed and straightforward. You will have many priorities when managing the complexities of your business, so it is crucial that your team is deliberate about how it sets its agenda. 

Make sure that your plan drives transformation, innovation, and improvement. To achieve this, your team has to focus on running the day-to-day functionalities of your business. They also need to build the future that they have committed to. 

Check Your Ego

While your company is your creation and idea, it is crucial that your team members also feel instrumental to the idea development process. If your team members do not feel respected, they won’t care as much about the success of your business and won’t bring their best ideas to the table. You need to be able to trust your team, so you do not feel the need to micromanage. It is essential for leaders to set a tone and model respectful behavior that people can follow. If the team is compatible, they will be able to easily work together. In the end, it should be a “we” effort rather than one person completely running the show. 

Ultimately, your goal is to completely remove yourself from the team to allow it to function independently. You want to be able to transition out of the team knowing that they can work together and create a work environment that is energetic with productive business practices. Putting your time and energy into building a strong leadership team turns good businesses into great ones. The success your business will have will radiate into the future and throughout your company as it expands and develops. When this respectful and clear communication is established in the company culture, the goals your business can achieve are limitless.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - Special Reports - How to Build a Leadership Team that Delivers Great Results
Michael Dattoli
Michael Dattoli, MD, is the Founder and leader at the Dattoli Cancer Center and Brachytherapy Research Institute, a nonsurgical cancer treatment facility in Sarasota, Florida. Dr. Dattoli is board certified in Radiation Oncology and considered a leading expert in radiation therapy and brachytherapy.

Michael Dattoli is an opinion columnist for the CEOWORLD magazine.