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Why Do CEOs Love Their Job And Keep Giving The Best They Can?

Being a CEO is not something that can be done if you don’t have the talent and the education for it. What will an average CEO answer if you ask them what is their favorite part about their work? Even though this position demands a lot of dedication and devotion, you will not meet a single CEO who hates to do it. On the contrary, the long hours in the office and the price they pay to be the best definitely compensate them and all the trouble they have been into to stand out from the competition.

Let’s see what makes this job so exciting and demanding at the same time:

  1. Taking decisions in difficult conditions
    A CEO is practically a leader and not just one among others; he or she is probably top of the top. This means that all the important decisions are waiting for their approval. The CEOs are the ones that get to decide about stuff and have the luxury to see what will happen with their idea and how long it will travel. Being in the business world means that you have made your peace with the fact that nothing is completely predictable, and there is always an amount of uncertainty in your plans. While employees often tend to believe that every little step of the company is calculated by one of the departments and that there is hardly any possibility that something can go wrong, those who are on the top have all the concern about their decisions’ outcome. Their consideration regarding critical matters is a sign that they are aware of the nature of their profession, which always demands risk. However, it is they who are trusted with the challenging responsibility to make the decisions because people know they are not afraid to take risks, and they enjoy it.
  2. Managing human resources and being employees’ mentor
    As a CEO, you get to work on your own and with other people as well. You have all the luxury to be in your own office and work quietly without people disturbing you. Still, at the same time, you are the key speaker in important meetings, and you get the chance to train the best of the company’s employees and collaborate with people who already have a level of expertise. This means that the CEO practically gets to interact with interesting people without having to answer silly questions that do not reflect a background of equal or at least similar education. Training clever people is something that CEOs love to do and find real pleasure in one of the most creative parts of their job. Besides, CEOs are born to be managers, and having to train and lead others is something they adore.
  3. Employees, co-workers, and a big part of the community pay respect to CEOs
    A large amount of responsibility and the fact that you finally make it with that and take on your shoulders the success of not only yourself but of the company as well makes you important in workers’ eyes. The prestige that comes with the job is undoubtedly, and in fact, a CEO is considered to be one of the most crucial parts of the chain in a company’s thriving direction. Your name is often mentioned in the company, and you may even see it in the list of a magazine or a newspaper. In any case, fame is more important than even money, and CEOs can enjoy a lot of that.
  4. Money is not everything, but it is indeed sweet
    Due to all the reasons we have mentioned above, CEOs are compensated with the respective salary plus any bonus they might take. In many cases, they may owe the whole company or a part of it which means the profits are even more. In any case, they are never expected to live on a tight income, and luxury is a lifestyle for them. Among all the great things this position can offer, money may be the least important but still, it is an amazing plus.
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